MCLE Requirements

Let us help you stay up to date with your MCLE(manadatory continuing legal education) requirements

MCLE - Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Many states require attorneys to complete a set number of hours of continuing legal education. CLE credits are required to be maintained and achieved within a state's reporting period to keep a license up to date for an attorney to continue practicing law. You can find your state's requirements of mandatory continuing legal education(MCLE) credits by clicking on the state below.

Complete MCLE Requirements Online

Completing your mandatory continuing legal education doesn't have to be done in a boring conference or seminar. Complete courses online to fulfill your MCLE requirements by taking one to two hour courses live or ondemand. Depending on your state's requirements, you can fulfill some or all of your credits online by taking live webinars or self-study ondemand courses. Online MCLE credits saves hours of time traveling, out of the office and costly missed billable hour time.

Browse our course catalog by finding MCLE approved courses of interest to you. To see if a course is approved simply view the credit tab on each course of interest to see what credits are available. You can also select your state's credit abbreviation in the left hand menu under the Credit search filter which will narrow the courses down to just courses approved for the credit selected.

MCLE Requirements by State

Alabama CLE Hawaii CLE Michigan CLE North Carolina CLE Tennessee CLE
Alaska CLE Idaho CLE Minnesota CLE North Dakota CLE Texas CLE
Arizona CLE Illinois CLE Mississippi CLE Ohio CLE Utah CLE
Arkansas CLE Indiana CLE Missouri CLE Oklahoma CLE Vermont CLE
California CLE Iowa CLE Montana CLE Oregon CLE Virginia CLE
Colorado CLE Kansas CLE Nebraska CLE Pennsylvania CLE Washington CLE
Connecticut CLE Kentucky CLE Nevada CLE Rhode Island CLE West Virginia CLE
Delaware CLE Louisiana CLE New Hampshire CLE South Carolina CLE Wisconsin CLE
District of Columbia CLE Maine CLE New Jersey CLE South Dakota CLE Wyoming CLE
Florida CLE Maryland CLE New Mexico CLE
Georgia CLE Massachusetts CLE New York CLE

Can I get MCLE on All Webinars?

Not every webinar is approved for CLE credit however a large portion of the catalog is approved. If you want a course to be approved for CLE, contact us today and speak with our continuing education credit department to see if we can get that course approved. Also, many states require you take a portion of your credits via a live method, which our live webinars may satisfy depending on your state's regulations, and a portion can be done via a self-study method, which our ondemand courses satisfy. As always, you can contact us with any MCLE credit questions.

When Do I Get A Certificate of Completion?

Certificates of attendance for Live webinars are available to download in the Courses section of your account dashboard within a couple business days after the course date. An email is sent to notify you that the certificate is available to download. Ondemand certificates are also available to download in the Courses section of your account dashboard within 15 minutes

Do you have a bundle of MCLE courses?

To complete your MCLE requirements, you can take one course at a time or you can you subscribe to our All-Access Pass which will allow to get unlimited CLE credits for one year. Take as many courses as you need to help fulfill your MCLE requirements online.


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