The Lorman Learning Platform

An intuitive platform to manage personal and team training.

The Lorman Learning Platform provides a suite of capabilities to manage your training strategy, track continuing education units, assign courses and learning paths, and review course progression.

learning platform
learning platform

Take Control of Your Learning

The Learning Platform provides a comprehensive view of your personal learning journey. Find relevant courses, see what you’ve finished, review which programs are in progress, and track continuing education units.

Our dashboard provides a quick and easy way to see what you’ve accomplished (and what you’re still working on)!

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Build and Manage Your Coursework

Browse and select the courses you need in the Lorman Learning Library. You can search by category and certification type, or simply choose courses from our pre-defined Learning Paths.

Choose from a library of 4,000 OnDemand courses, register for new live webinars every month, and download additional learning materials straight to your dashboard.

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Manage Teams

Are you managing training for a team or entire company? Our Learning Platform enables you to assign courses, track performance, and create custom Learning Paths for your employees.

Team leads and learning managers can assign courses to anyone (or everyone) in an organization and track overall progress of employee training initiatives.

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Track Your Continuing Education Credits

Easily research courses and add them to your personal learning dashboard.

Lorman’s accredited courses will help you meet your mandatory continuing education requirements. Use the platform to research relevant courses, add programs to your personal learning dashboard, review courses completed, attain mandatory CE credits, and track CE hours.

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Add Lorman Content to Your Existing LMS

The Lorman Learning Platform is an easy-to-use, intuitive management tool for your personal and team training, and it doesn’t require lengthy installation processes.

For those that already have an existing LMS in place, you can add our OnDemand courses into a SCORM-compliant system using Lorman’s LMS Integration and Single-Sign-On capabilities.

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What Sets Us Apart

Quality Topics and Courses

All courses in the Lorman content library have undergone a strict vetting process to ensure top-quality classes from trusted experts in the field.

Breadth Of Curriculum

Lorman's library covers over 30 subject matters with 16,000+ training products to improve hard and soft skills, fill knowledge gaps, and fulfill online continuing legal education course credit.

New Courses

The Lorman library is updated regularly, with new courses and products added each month.

Learning Paths

Determine goals and create a clear path of required courses to enhance a core area or complete certification programs.

Customer Service

Our dedicated customer service team is available to help you navigate your company training every step of the way.

CE Tracking & Reporting

Ensure employees stay compliant and up to date on professional certifications, including CLE, CPE, HR Certification Institute, ENG, and others.

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Benefits of Company Training

How Lorman Can Help


23% of organizations do not have a formal compliance training plan in place.


41% of employees consider career advancement opportunities a very important factor to their job satisfaction.


84% of executives believe their company's future success is very or extremely dependent on innovation.


A highly engaged workforce can reduce a company's turnover rate as much as 59%.


61% of adults in the United States seek career development opportunities when considering job opportunities.


External new hires are 61% more likely to be let go from their jobs than those who are promoted to the same position.

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