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Letter to the Manager: Making a Case for Employee Training

Letter to the Manager: Making a Case for Employee Training

Posted on 02/22/22 By Lorman Team

Training and eLearning is necessary to give professionals the opportunity to succeed and advance their careers. Technical training can include special credentials, certificates, and other designations deemed important across various industries, while continuing education helps individuals improve and learn new skills.

Many organizations pay for their employees’ continuing education, especially in industries that require certifications or specific CE courses. However, it is also common for companies to provide training and educational resources to help their employees develop professionally. 

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Benefits of Training and eLearning

Some employers are interested in the idea of employee training but would prefer to either handle the matter in-house or are deterred because they believe the return may not be worth the investment. 

Employee training encompasses more than just enhancing a worker's ability to perform tasks more efficiently. Professional employee training enhances individual skillsets, helps fuel innovation, and can create a more collaborative and satisfying work environment. 

The benefits of professional employee training are vast, and include:

More Knowledgeable Employees

After an employee training course is completed, all attributes contributing to the degree of professionalism possessed by employees will have dramatically evolved. The manner in which they communicate, carry themselves, and handle situations will all be in pursuit of coming off as an authority in their field. Professionalism is the key to building maintain lasting relationships with customers and peers.

Enhanced Efficiency

Professional employee training can help boost a worker's overall efficiency. The process of boosting employee productivity entails embedding and promoting habits that contribute to the efficient use of company resources (i.e., money and time).

Strengthen Company Knowledge

Boosting employee knowledge concerning the company and industry they inhabit works to enhance skills that are vital to helping workers realize their potential. When an employee goes the extra mile and begins educating themselves on topics related to their industry, they'll be able to communicate with an aura of knowledge and confidence.

For workers interested in professional employee training, try crafting a letter to your boss. The focus of your letter can be on how to write an email to your boss about a problem, or simply a request letter to attend training. 

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Preparing The Letter

It’s important to show your employer the benefits of learning for you and your peers. Always express your commitment to the company and clearly state your professional goals. Many large corporations encourage employees to seek advanced degrees and certifications since it will help the company. This will highlight the return on the company's investment for employee education and training.

You do not need to be a professional writer to present a letter requesting continuing education. You should use a good word processing program that offers grammar and spell checks. You want to use a professional format that showcases your goal and how it will benefit yourself and the company.

Sample Letter: Requesting Training from Employer

Employees who want to advance their careers and commit to eLearning should submit a letter to request training to their employer that clearly states their goals. 


Dear James,

I've been researching employee training programs and I have come across Lorman Education Services. While there is a cost associated with the training program, I believe the investment will be well worth it for the company.

My peers and I envision working here long-term, and to ensure we all do our part in helping take this company to the next level, I think it'd be wise to learn from experienced professionals concerning ways in which we can boost our efficiency in the workplace.

What makes Lorman professional training program so valuable is that they focus on strengthening components that make high-quality employees, including:

    • Enhanced individual skillsets for both hard and soft skills
    • Increased employee efficiency 
    • Strengthening employee expertise to boost overall company knowledge 
    • Fueling workplace innovation to stay ahead of competition 
    • Staying current on required CE courses and certifications 

Lorman is a leading professional employee training service, and I hope you seriously consider all that can be gained with company training and learning. 

You can find more information about Lorman here. If you have any alternative training programs that you recommend, I would like to hear about them. I am always receptive to new information and ideas.

I appreciate your help with my request for training. I consider you a mentor who encourages people to do their best.


Jane Smith


A letter requesting training for employees shows a certain degree of initiative that many employers would appreciate. If you are interested in professional employee training but don't know how to approach upper management, use our sample letter for inspiration.

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About Lorman

Lorman Education Services is a leading provider of online professional learning, serving individuals and teams seeking training and CE credits. Lorman helps professionals meet their needs with more than 120 live training sessions each month and a growing collection of over 16,000 on-demand courses and resources developed by noted industry experts and professionals.

Whether you’re looking for professional continuing education or an enterprise-wide learning and development solution, you will find what you need in Lorman’s growing library of resources.




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