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10 Books Every Compliance Professional Should Read [eBook]

Posted on 05/21/20 By Brittany K. King

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is an ever-evolving profession. Professionals in this space are no stranger to needing certification requirements and courses that aid in their goal to mitigate compliance-related risks. In the United States, GRC professionals must adhere to both federal and state-level laws, in addition to pursuing their own continuing education courses

Despite the evolving nature of GRC, corporate procedures, internal processes, and communication tactics are not as susceptible to change as laws or regulations.

Download our latest eBook for the ten best evergreen compliance books every GRC professional should read.





Brittany K. King
Brittany K. King

Brittany is the Content Marketing Specialist for Lorman. Her background is in content strategy and social media marketing. Brittany has worked in an array of industries, ranging from consumer packaged goods to insurance and (of course) continuing education services.

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