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Training solutions to support your workforce's continuing education, compliance, and upskilling needs.

Why Lorman

Train Your Entire Staff

Lorman provides training for professional licensing needs, upskilling to drive performance and employee retention, and compliance with ever-changing federal and state laws.

The Lorman Learning Library has nearly 4,000 courses and 13,000 total resources with 50-100 new courses added each month.

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Learning Platform
Learning Platform

Assign and Track Employee Coursework

Our intuitive Learning Platform helps you manage every aspect of your company's training and continuing education initiatives.

Assign courses and Learning Paths to individual employees or teams. Track continuing education credits, see current courses in progress, and download certificates – all conveniently in your dashboard.

Learning Paths

Fill Knowledge Gaps

We work with our members to determine goals and create customized learning solutions for their workforce.

Managers can create team- or company-wide Learning Paths to help employees enhance core skills or knowledge areas needed to meet company training and development goals.

Learning Paths
A Trusted Partner
A Trusted Partner

Request Custom Courses

Have a course in mind for your employees that you don’t see on our site? Our talented production team can create custom employee training solutions that fit your organization’s needs.

We want to help you achieve your company’s training and development goals. Lorman is not just a content provider – we are a true training partner.

LMS Integration

Integrate With Your LMS

Integrate our large library of content and training programs with your LMS. Simply download SCORM files for any course in our library and upload it to your chosen learning management system.

We’re here for you every step of the way to help make your corporate training initiatives as easy as possible.

Concentrate Efforts
Concentrate Efforts

Unify Company Training and Development

Centralizing your company training is the most logical and cost-effective approach to employee learning and development.

Oversee your company’s training progress and avoid the hidden costs of paying separate vendors for individual courses.

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Trusted by millions for continuing education, upskilling, and compliance needs

What Sets Us Apart

Quality Content and Presenters

Lorman conceptualizes and produces top-quality training by strictly vetting course content and partnering with trusted experts in their field.

Breadth of Curriculum

Lorman's library covers over 30 subject matters with 13,000+ training products to improve hard and soft skills and fill knowledge gaps.

New Courses

The Lorman library is updated regularly, with over 100 live courses added each month for your company’s training and development initiatives.

Learning Paths

Determine goals and create a clear path of required course for employees’ individual needs. Our training programs help enhance core areas so you can track employee progress along the way.

Customer Success

Our dedicated customer success team will help you develop a training strategy on day one to set you up for continued success. We’re here for you every step of the way so you can make the most of your training.

CE Tracking & Reporting

Easily track employee course progression and earn continuing education credits for professional certifications, including CLE, CPE, SHRM, HRCI, ENG, and others.

Benefits of Company Training

How Lorman Can Help


23% of organizations do not have a formal compliance training plan in place.


41% of employees consider career advancement opportunities a very important factor to their job satisfaction.


84% of executives believe their company's future success is very or extremely dependent on innovation.


A highly engaged workforce can reduce a company's turnover rate as much as 59%.


61% of adults in the United States seek career development opportunities when considering job opportunities.


External new hires are 61% more likely to be let go from their jobs than those who are promoted to the same position.

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About Us

A Trusted Training Partner

We are a premier provider of online professional development and corporate training, serving the enterprise with custom training for employees at all levels of business.

For more than 30 years, we've delivered relevant and timely continuing education courses that cover a broad range of business and technical skills and meet the continuing education requirements of nearly 100 accreditation agencies.

Our robust learning platform includes a variety of training topics, plus custom team training options and Learning Paths tailored specifically for our enterprise partners.

We understand continuing education doesn't always happen between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. That's why our customized training solutions are easily accessible on desktop or mobile — so your employees can learn at their own pace wherever they want, whenever they want.

We work hard to provide you with top-of-the-line company training and development programs to help your organization stay ahead of the competition, remain compliant with mandatory CE credits, and equip employees with the tools they need to stay productive.

Learn how Lorman can help you meet your compliance & upskilling needs.

Our team is happy to answer your questions.