Growing Talent From Within: How Lorman Drives Professional Growth and Delivers Learning Opportunities for EarlystART Employees




For more than 50 years, EarlystART has worked to be a positive force of change in Kansas City, transforming families through quality early childhood education.

Why Lorman?

  • Ease of use
  • Learning Paths and printable resources
  • Quality content
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Learning and development opportunities were limited to certain departments

Prior to partnering with Lorman, EarlystART's training strategy focused on their educational staff. Most of the training provided by the organization was teacher-based or reliant on individual departments to create and implement. To ensure all employees had access to equal learning opportunities, EarlystART needed a more structured training solution that could also support and develop their administrative employees, including the finance and operations teams.


Empowering employees through Lorman's breadth, depth, and quality of content

EarlystART's partnership with Lorman opened the door to a variety of training topics and over 13,000 live and on-demand courses and resources. The comprehensive library of content allowed employees to feel confident that the time they dedicated to learning was meaningful and applicable to their career and development goals. The online Learning Platform and the ability to curate resources through Learning Paths helped to structure training and make the learning experience as impactful as possible.

I'm able to work at my own pace and explore a variety of training that I'm curious about.
Operations Manager, EarlystART


Employees regularly complete and apply relevant training to expand their skill sets and boost efficiency.

Since accessing Lorman's Learning Platform, EarlystART employees have been able to engage in active and continuous learning. The team has taken the initiative to complete training independently, completing one to two courses each month. The courses have allowed employees to learn new skills, think in new ways, develop productive habits, and apply what they learn immediately on the job.

Users report increased knowledge of software programs, improved organization, and enhanced communication with coworkers, vendors, customers, and specialists. The partnership with Lorman allowed employees to broaden the scope of their learning, increase job confidence, and find professional and personal growth.

The partnership has helped me to understand my job better. EarlystART Employee

Each of us needed different things to help with building strong, confident administrative assistants. Lorman had different ways to take classes and so many different subjects to work on.

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