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Intuitive Intelligence: Become More Intuitive and Effective at Work and Beyond


Intuitive Intelligence can be learned by anyone willing to look at interaction in a whole new way.

It's about getting in touch with your gut feelings, your inner intuition first then learning to sense where the other person in coming from. It's not just about acquiring great engagement skills and getting your message across and it's not just about being a good listener. It is about truly connecting and creating an experience instead of just an interaction. It's about listening to your own inner promptings. This topic is about connecting with others on a human level. This does not mean getting personal; it means cutting through the surface noise and speaking to the real person in a way that invites them to rise up, respond more honestly, and be more open. True engagement is the missing piece to a cohesive, productive team that works well unsupervised. It is the answer to pettiness in the workplace. And intuition is something that, when mastered, can free you from over thinking, worrying and stress and allow you to understand yourself much better. It enables you to feel the essence of another and speak to that deeper part of them.
You will learn to think less and notice more! You will learn ways to increase your intuition. You will learn how inner intuition sends you signals. You will learn what your key motivators are and how to make choices based on those. With others, you will learn key phrases that open communication channels and when to use them. You will feel more confident communicating through any situation. You will be able to step away from becoming reactionary. You will understand the art of taking your emotions out of communication. You will come away from interactions feeling that you took the high road. You will gain respect and credibility from your peers.



Januarie Wood

Januarie Wood

UltraLifeSolutions, LLC

  • An international speaker and trainer, intuitive sales copy editor, and business coach
  • Has conducted over 1,200 seminars in business writing, grammar, stress management, time management, and advanced communication skills throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Loves to help people get their 'aha!'
  • Lives by the idea that through work-life balance, we honor our true nature, and we thrive
  • Does sales copy editing and coaching for entrepreneurs, while also working as an international seminar leader and a life coach for women who think too much
  • Spent eight years writing copy for The Hypnosis Offices, including ads for television, radio, and print; her press releases and pitch letters won the company spots on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news programs; as well as articles in 417 magazine, Springfield magazine, The News Leader, and the cover of the local Business Journal
  • Has spoken for Wichita State University, Cal Poly University, Justice Jewelers, Los Angeles Circuit Courts, Kansas City School Board, Fort Belvoir, Tusculum College, and more
  • Can be contacted at 816-803-3457,,, or

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