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What is the Lorman All-Access Pass? [Infographic]

What is the Lorman All-Access Pass? [Infographic]

Posted on 12/01/20 By Brittany K. King

Are you ready to take control of your professional development with unlimited access to Lorman's entire Learning Library? 

We created the Lorman All-Access Pass for professionals like you to have a one-stop shop for online training and continuing education. 

Interested in learning more? We've got you covered: 

About the All-Access Pass

The All-Access Pass is the best single source for professional development, giving you unlimited access to our extensive library of courses and resources.

All-Access Pass holders have full access to everything in our library, including live and on-demand courses, white papers, audio recordings, and more.

Who is the All-Access Pass for?

The All-Access Pass is for anyone looking to invest in their professional development.

Our members are lifelong learners who utilize our growing Learning Library for: 

  • Professional Development. We serve ambitious professionals looking to advance in their careers.
  • CE Credit. We help professionals who need continuing education to maintain a certification or stay compliant.


What's included in the All-Access Pass?

The short answer: Everything.

The longer answer: The All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to the entire Lorman Learning Library. You can attend live webinars, watch on-demand courses, download educational material, earn CE credits, and more.

See everything the All-Access Pass has to offer below:

How Lorman Can Help You

Remember, our All-Access Pass gives you unlimited access to: 

  • Professional-level online courses with training across 33 topics, with courses for both hard and soft professional skills.
  • CE credits and certifications. We work with nearly 100 accreditation agencies to provide CE credit to licensed professionals nationwide across numerous industries.
  • Our robust Learning Library with 4,000+ courses and more than 13,000 total resources.
  • Learning Paths to help you determine goals and create a path of required coursework designed to enhance a core area. 
  • Access to our library of on-demand training programs and upcoming live webinars.
  • Our next-generation Learning Platform so you can easily manage your personal training.

Whether you're in the market for a new job, are gunning for a promotion, or simply want to feel more confident in your role, the Lorman All-Access Pass will help you reach your professional goals. 


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