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How to Buy eLearning Content for Your LMS [eBook]

Posted on 02/04/21 By Brittany K. King

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting Training Courses for Your LMS and Shopping for the Right Content Provider

On average, 76% of U.S. consumers create a shopping list before going to the grocery store – and there are good reasons why.

Having a list on hand mitigates the chance of you needing to make a return trip to the store. It also reduces your overall grocery expenses and makes it easier to find the healthy foods you need for a balanced diet.

And in many ways, buying eLearning content for your learning management system is like grocery shopping.

You must first compile a list of required training topics and find a vendor who can provide the content you need for you to implement a well-rounded and balanced training program.

So don’t head to the store quite yet.

This guide will show you how to find a quality eLearning content provider, so you don’t have to wander the aisles and risk returning to the store time and time again.


Key Chapters in this eBook:

  • Choosing Impactful Content for Your LMS

Discover what training categories are crucial to your organization's employee development efforts and see if custom-made or off-the-shelf courses are right for you.


  • Shortlisting Your Options

Know exactly what features, support, and LMS integrations you need from a content provider so you can narrow down your vendor choices.


  • Making Your Decision

A step-by-step guide to follow when shopping for a content vendor. Plus, learn more about Lorman's Team & Enterprise Training solutions.


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