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How Offices Will Change Post-Coronavirus [Infographic]

Posted on 07/23/20 By Brittany K. King

COVID-19 has already had a substantial affect on how humans interact with each other. Restaurants and bars have lower occupancy limits, retail storefronts now offer curbside pickup, and most state governments have mandated that people wear a face covering while in public spaces. 

While these adjustments affect our personal lives, drastic changes will also take place in corporate America and throughout office spaces nationwide. 


How Will Offices Change After COVID-19? 

Although strict health and safety measures are already in effect, it's clear we have just scratched the surface of how workplaces will change post-pandemic. The latter half of 2020 is bound to bring even more health regulations and tactics to observe. 

But for now, three things are inherently clear about returning to work post-COVID:

  • Telecommuting will be the new norm
  • Office hygiene and safety will become more prevalent 
  • New automated systems will be put into effect immediately  

As businesses try to continue as usual, employees will be forced to adjust to new workplace practices. Some professionals will start working from home part time, while others will be remote permanently. Most offices will offer sanitation stations and equipment, while others invest in new technology to create a touchless workspace

Employees will most likely begin returning to the office in the latter half of 2020. To ensure a safe and healthy working environment, organizations will rely on online communications for everyday discussion, employee onboarding, and learning and development initiatives

Check out our infographic below to see more ways the workplace will change in a post-Coronavirus world.



Infographic depicting 6 ways office life will change after the coronavirus pandemic



Brittany K. King
Brittany K. King

Brittany is the content marketing specialist for Lorman. Her background is in content strategy and social media marketing. Brittany has worked in an array of industries, ranging from consumer packaged goods to insurance and (of course) continuing education services.

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