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Hot Topics in CPE for Certified Public Accountants [eBook]

Posted on 11/02/20 By Brittany K. King

Professional development is a lifelong endeavor. Efficiency in both soft and hard skills, in addition to staying current on industry trends, are all necessary ingredients to a successful career.

Most states require certified public accountants (CPA) to complete an average of 40 credit hours per year. However, continuing education is beneficial beyond mandatory CPE courses. 

A well-rounded learning plan will make you a more productive, marketable, and successful professional, and is necessary for career advancement. 

Completing CPE credits shouldn't feel like a burden. Instead, find continuing education courses that help you discover topics that are of interest to you and pertinent to your role as a CPA. 

Key Chapters: 

  • Strengthening Soft Skills 

Strong soft skills are becoming increasingly important for professionals to possess. Learn about the rise in demand for interpersonal skills and the most popular courses for career advancement. 

  • Acquiring Hard Skills 

Explore the most sought-after technical skills, such as Microsoft and management abilities, and why attaining a technical skillset will improve job performance and open the doors to more opportunities. 

  • Staying Current on CPE 

CPE courses provide the chance to improve yourself as a professional. Don't just check the boxes on your CPE requirements — discover relevant CPE topics that are of interest to you and pertinent to your role as a CPA. 


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