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Drive Business Success with Professional Learning and Development

Drive Business Success with Professional Learning and Development

Posted on 01/18/22 By Guest Contributor

The most successful organizations invest in employee training and development. This is because companies understand that empowered employees are the backbone of their business and play a crucial role in the overall business growth and stability. 

Training employees is vital to build a strong and highly skilled team for the future. Read on to learn about how employee learning and development is impacting global businesses. 

What is Employee Learning and Development?

Learning and development are formal and informal training that boosts employee skills to adapt to the ever-changing trends. Employees can take up professional development courses or enroll at local learning institutions. 

Organizational leaders and training managers ensure that all employees are well-equipped with the right skills that align with their key performance indicators and organizational goals.

How Learning and Development Supports Organizational Growth 

We know training and development are important, but why? Below are the top reasons to invest in L&D. 

Attracts and Retains Better Talent 

Every business leader knows how difficult it is to attract and retain the right talent to align with business expectations. 

Training builds a good reputation and attracts the right employees to your organization. It is easy to retain talent because they have confidence in you, knowing that your organization is an excellent place to grow. Statistics show that 93% of employees prefer to stay longer in an organization that invests in career growth. 

Makes Your Organization Highly Competitive 

Today, customers look for exceptional service and experts that can solve their needs. Well-trained employees have the right skills for handling different customers. It is imperative to invest in training and development so that your staff stays ahead of the market trends and to give your company a competitive edge.

Increased Productivity 

Empowering your employees with new skills makes them more productive and contributes to the company's bottom line. Statistics show an increase from 10-19% of sales for companies that invest in staff training. This leads to increased profits and business growth in the long run. 

Improves both Soft and Hard Skills

While your employees may already have hard skills and experience in specific fields, they must continue learning to sharpen their skills and develop new skills. Training and development help your employees widen their skill set, which impacts business growth and continuity. 

How to Drive Professional Development Among Your Employees 

There are multiple strategies to support and drive your employees to earn additional skills. Below is a list of several options. 

Offer Continual Development Opportunities

Invest in skill development programs with a reputable trainer such as Lorman to give new experiences to your employees. It makes operations easier, especially when planning to invest in new technology. Your employees will stay ahead of the game, thus, making it easy to implement new projects and work tools. 

Encourage Micro-Learning 

Micro-learning deals with small learning units and requires little effort from the learners. It makes training simple and fun. You can encourage your employees to enroll in a local community institution or take online classes which are less expensive and more convenient.

Recognize and Reward Your Employees 

Employees get motivated and happy when you show them that you care about their development journeys. This is a good work culture that encourages healthy competition among employees, thus, increasing performance levels. Create monthly, quarterly and annual rewards to keep your employees motivated. 

Provide Real-time Feedback 

As a training manager or an organizational leader, keeping employees updated about the learning opportunities is imperative. Give real-time feedback to enable employees to determine their strengths and weaknesses and change their focus to become better people tomorrow. 

Invest in Learning Management System (LMS) 

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a tool that can help your organization to distribute training and development materials to your employees effectively. The software has unique features and offers several benefits, such as training consistency, platform consolidation when training vendors, reduced costs, and automated administrative capabilities. 

Investing in Employee Training for a Better and Brighter Future 

Knowledge is crucial, but it often requires and investment. Fortunately, modern employees do not need to attend a class physically to learn. Online training solutions are available for effective and convenient learning. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your organization’s training needs. 

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