Unusual Job Benefits Your Employees Will Love

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October 04, 2017

Unusual Job Benefits Your Employees Will Love

Unusual Job Benefits Your Employees Will Love:

Many companies are trying to come up with ways to attract top-level employees to work for them. There are plenty of unique benefits that companies have begun to offer employees to try to get them to work for their companies. Many companies begin to offer these benefits to attract top-level employees, others will use these benefits to keep valuable employees that they already have.

Either way, the employees are the ones that are benefiting from these perks. Employees are getting more rewards for their hard work. It can also help build employee morale and allow employees to live their lives while also getting their work done. Some of the best perks that companies have offered that employees site as helpful and things that make them happy include the following:

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  • Create A No-Official Work Hours Company: Companies like Netflix do not track the hour's employees work or what time they come to work and leave. Rather, they use accomplishments and amount of work done as a motivation to track employees progress. If a company is measuring policies based on how much an employee accomplishes and that person never works or does anything they earn their own one-way ticket out the door. That forces the employee to motivate them to work and discipline themselves to keep a regular schedule as well as enjoying quality time away from work.
  • Unlimited Time Off: Many company philosophies are beginning to move away from offering any form of vacation but letting employees decide how many days they need to be at work versus how many they will take off. Not specifying an amount of vacation time to employees makes them feel more obligated to come to work and ensure they are putting adequate hours in. No vacation policies will motivate employees to give more and allow companies to receive more from employees without limiting their time off to few days that the company selects. it's designed to provide rewards everyone involved.
  • Family Focused: Many companies are beginning to offer employees extra paid vacation when they welcome a new child into their immediate family (whether through birth or adoption). Others offer the family a bonus lump sum of money when a new baby is born into the family. Extra perks in a busy time like when a family is welcoming a child is always nice and very welcomed.
  • On-Site Health Services: Plenty of companies are beginning to offer special health perks throughout the year such as free flu shots, BMI screen testing, free blood work, etc. to help their employees live their healthiest and happiest lives. Some companies offer discounts to the local gym for memberships or other informational classes. Others are providing seminars about fitness, nutrition, mental well-being, and other important factors of fitness, nutrition, health, and otherwise overall well-being. Some companies even go far as to offer family planning tools to employees or psychological counseling to employees who need it as well.
  • Prepared Foods: Some companies are taking the health fix one step further and once each month or week or sometimes even every day have a chef prepare meals for their employees. Oftentimes, these meals cite different lifestyles such as being vegetarian or vegan or a "balanced diet" approach, others will often even offer tutorials on cooking so employees can learn to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families at home to live healthier lives.
  • Continuing Education: Many companies offer partial or total help in paying for employees to go back to school and continue their education. Many companies will do this if employees agree to stay with the company for so many years after they finish school and use that education to help further the company. This is a great way for an employee to obtain the education they otherwise may not be able to afford while allowing the company to benefit also.
  • Company Events: Discounts to tickets for certain attractions like amusement parks or certain events like professional sports events (baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, etc. games), concerts, or other entertainment functions. Having a "company employee" night is a great way for corporations of all sizes to give their employees a fun night out at a discounting price while promoting the company name as well.
  • Load Money to A Credit/Gift Card: Some companies will load either a credit card or gift cards from the company each month with a certain amount of money that employees can use at their leisure. It's a little extra bonus for saying that the company appreciates the work that the employees do. Moreover, companies can run little contests or giveaways for employees and give out $25 for whoever wins. It's a small thing but can make a huge difference in employees feeling appreciated.
  • Student Loan Reimbursement Money: Some companies offer a certain amount of "bonus" money to employees strictly for paying off student debt with. The money can't be used for any other purpose but every bit helps to a cash-strapped young person looking to pay down college debt. It's a reward for getting an education and helping the company by working for them.


Think outside the box for ways to offer employees a little "extra something" for their hard work. It doesn't have to be huge. Anything is appreciated by people who are working hard. That will keep the effort employees put in up and their loyalty to the company coming well into the future.

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