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Delegating 101: How to Effectively Delegate


Explore the many facets of the delegation process and provide some tried and true techniques to overcome problems.

Delegation can reduce your workload and if done correctly can aid managers in developing employees' professional skills. Delegating prepares employees to successfully complete the project you assign and allows you to advance employees and yourself to other career opportunities within your organization. Delegation is often one of the hardest skills for a manager to master and once mastered is a skill that will be used the rest of your professional life. This topic will explore many of the facets of the delegation process and provide some tried and true techniques to overcome problems.

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Delegating 101:  How to Effectively Delegate


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Delegating 101:  How to Effectively Delegate


Cheryl Grazier, M.S.I.D., M.P.A.

Cheryl Grazier, M.S.I.D., M.P.A.

Cheryl Grazier Consulting LLC

  • Principal of Cheryl Grazier Consulting LLC, which offers customized learning and development programs designed to increase the leadership and management capability of individuals, teams, groups, and organizations
  • Over 20 years of business experience in both the public and private sector as a trusted advisor in the areas of culture change, strategy implementation, program management, and team and leadership development
  • Has worked in a variety of industries, including communications, government agencies, governmental contracting, and real estate
  • Passionate about developing people skills and leadership capabilities for individuals and she specializes in exposing people's hidden aptitudes and talents, which enables those individuals to develop their known and recently found strengths and abilities
  • Most obvious qualities are her energy, compassion, inspiration, creativity, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, and passion about everything she does; by inspiring individuals and teams to be more than they think they can be, she launches individual and group productivity and morale to new levels; is never satisfied with the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” approach, creates an atmosphere of innovation during her presentations
  • Presents outstanding programs in the areas of leadership development, interpersonal communication skills, conflict management, performance management and conduct issues, and change management
  • Holds several industry certifications including MBTI, DiSC, and FIRO-B; also licensed as a real estate broker in both Missouri and Florida and holds a real estate instructors license in Florida
  • Believing that positive thinking is one of the keys to unlocking an individual’s potential, has devoured the writings and learnings of Canfield, Carnegie, Covey, Hanson, Maxwell, Nightingale, Peale, and many others
  • Loves sharing her positive attitude with others and knows that a facilitator is one who enables groups to succeed long after her program; as both a participant and a facilitator of numerous personal development meetings in the past, she is proud to guide others though a process that truly delivers what it promises
  • Can be contacted at 904-392-3427, [email protected], or https://cherylgrazierconsulting.com/
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Delegating 101:  How to Effectively Delegate

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