7 Most Effective Recruiting Techniques In Today's Market

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March 22, 2018

The world of recruiting the best talent for your workplace1 is getting more and more competitive in the ever-changing recruiting environment we find ourselves in today. The business world continues to evolve and become ever-more competitive, companies who get the top employees with the skills they need to advance their business are the ones that are rising to the top.

As hiring and recruiting more and more "skilled" and "gifted" employees become more and more important to a company's success, this leaves many companies wondering how they go about getting the most skilled employees2 to want to work with and stay with their company moving into the future. 

The following are 7 of the most effective recruiting techniques in today's market that can help you attract skilled workers and keep them in your company long-term:

  • Understand the Cost/Benefit of Every Hire: Understand what it will cost you to hire and train each employee. Weigh this against what that employee will contribute to the company in return. If the return is higher than the investment (long-term) then it's likely a smart to give that employee serious consideration when you are doing your final hiring.
  • Engage in Social Media: The younger generations are more and more into social media from Facebook to Twitter or Instagram. Whatever platforms you use, posting job opening and times you are accepting applications up on your company's page can help you reach potential employees you may otherwise never get a chance to reach. It's a free way to advertise to get people who otherwise may not hear about you needing to hire to hear about the jobs and apply. You will find people with a variety of skills and you may just find your dream fit for a position!
  • Outline Your Ideal Employee: Outlining the experiences, skills, personalities, etc. of your "ideal" employee. When you interview employees, match their resume against the checklist of what your company needs and what your "ideal" is. While it's unreasonable for employees to be expected to check every single box on your list, the more they are able to check off the more "ideal" the fit between the company and the employee is likely to be. Determine which of all the boxes is the most important to check and then pursue the candidates who come closest to that fit.
  • Reach Out To People You Are Interested In: For those individuals you see potential in who may have not applied to the company yet, you can always reach out to them as well. Expressing interest in a potential candidate is not only flattering to that candidate, but it may also make them think of the possibility of working with your company if they had never considered it before. This is especially true if the job position you are offering fits their skills and passions well and they think this is a job they will enjoy.
  • Get Referrals: Reaching out to your current employees is another great way to pinpoint candidates that may otherwise not have thought about applying with your company. Offering some incentive for those employees who refer a candidate who is interviewed/hired may be another way to get everyone to pitch in on the recruiting process, which is a full-time job in today's competitive job market.
  • Accept Only the Best: If you find yourself sitting there going, "Well, I guess this person will do for the job", that's your clue that you need to keep looking. Your company deserves the best and while you keep expectations reasonable, at the same time you have a right to refuse to accept anything less.

These are just a few of the ways that many employers are reaching out to find the most qualified candidates to work in their company. In a continually and increasingly competitive job market anyway you can find workers who are highly qualified gives your company an edge over other companies who may not be using such techniques and strategies to find the same qualified employees as your company is.

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