5 Free Online Resources Every Recruiter Needs

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October 27, 2017

5 Free Online Resources Every Recruiter Needs

Every recruiter has a set of tools they use everyday. While asking for referrals and making phone calls are important, thanks to today's technology and social media, recruiters also have a bevy of online recruitment tools available. There are hundreds of job boards on the internet, even specialized boards like the Pro Blogger and Will Fly For Food. With so many job postings floating about the worldwide web, it is increasingly difficult to have the perfect candidate reply to a posting. Recruiters must take proactive action on the internet to find the right applicant for the job. Here are 5 free online resources to make online recruiting a breeze:

Crystal tailors the communications based on personality traits.

This Chrome extension sifts through mountains of public data to show you the best way to engage with a particular person. Crystal analyzes the data and defines their personality. Their personality drives the way in which the recruiter communicates with the person. Certain personality traits require a special way of communicating. Reaching out to a person who is loyal and ambitious involves appealing to their emotions and utilizing expressive language. While another candidate prefers short and to the point sentences. Crystal reveals all these traits and suggestions in a neatly packaged Chrome extension.

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Contact Out finds hidden contact information.

When searching social media sites for new recruits, one often finds the perfect candidate but no contact information. With Contact Out, it is a cinch to find accurate email addresses for candidates from their LinkedIn profile. Contact Out uses a stealthy AI to search through other social media and other web sites in order to obtain an elusive email address and occasionally a phone number. Once found, the details are triple checked and sent to a Google Spreadsheet with the click of a button.

LinkedIn Salary gives insight into new recruit's salary expectations.

Before the recruiting process begins, it is imperative that recruiters and hiring managers sit down and discuss what new recruits will expect. LinkedIn's own salary transparency tool helps determine what a competitive salary for a particular position would be. Taking into account the competitive wages and certain factors, such as skill and experience, hiring managers and recruiters will have a good idea of a new recruit's expectations. Salary transparency tools are excellent to use as a reference point.

Intelligence Search scours Facebook for candidates.

Looking for candidates with Facebook's Graph Search function is simpler with Intelligent Search. It does all the work for you. Intelligent Search utilizes ten different operators to scour the hoards of information on Facebook to find the perfect candidate. New updates are constantly being added, such as the "and" and "or" operators. Making it the prime tool for searching on Facebook for recruits.

Recruit'em creates boolean strings for searching social media platforms.

There are many social media platforms to search through other than LinkedIn and Facebook. Twitter and Google Plus are two other platforms worth searching through. Putting together long boolean strings to search through these platforms is tedious work. Recruit'em does this for you. Recruit'em writes the boolean string based on your search criteria. For example, a search on Google Plus shows the fields: job title, city or country, current employer, and education. Clicking the green button on the bottom will pop up a window with the link for your search.

Finding new candidates online is easier with these five resources. Recruit'em creates long boolean string searches for several different social media platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, and Xing. Another search tool is Intelligence Search which specializes in Facebook searches. After finding a potential candidate, Contact Out opens up the lines of communication by providing an email address, and Crystal provides keen insight into the best way to structure the email. Contact us for more information on online recruiting resources.

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