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What is Microlearning in Training?

What is Microlearning in Training?

Posted on 09/03/20 By Lorman Team

Many working professionals have very hectic schedules. Between the demands of their job, their managers, their colleagues, and their family, it can be difficult to find time for training and self-development.

One solution to this dilemma comes in the form of "microlearning". The following information will discuss what microlearning involves, how microlearning works, and how busy professionals can implement it in their training and continuing education.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning can be defined as a training program broken up into "bite-sized" sections. A typical microlearning module presents information centered around one learning objective in 2-10 minute chunks. Unlike traditional development/education courses, microlearning modules do not necessarily build on previously learned concepts. Rather, they are often self-contained pieces of instructional content that keep the user engaged without overloading him or her.

Above all, the defining characteristic of microlearning content is its brevity. Microlearning modules allow learners to study at their convenience, which is a huge advantage for those busy professionals with limited time.

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Examples of Microlearning

Microlearning content can take many different forms. It could include simple text, short videos, snippets of audio, or interactive multimedia.

Some content examples include:

  • Textual information (phrases, short paragraphs, questions)
  • Images (photos, illustrations, charts, diagrams, infographics)
  • Short videos (brief tutorials, videos that answer a single question, etc.)
  • Audio clips (snippets of speech or music)
  • Tests and quizzes (multiple choice questions at the end of a module, or brief essay questions to reinforce the main learning objective)
  • Games (single-screen challenges, "match the term/concept" games, the awardance of points for correct answers, etc.)

Of course, not all microlearning platforms will feature every one of these content types. However, many platforms do combine several of these components into a unified learning experience, to great effect.

How to Implement Microlearning in the Continuing Education Journey

How can hard-working professionals with packed schedules leverage microlearning to enhance their continuing education?

Below are a few suggestions that many have found helpful:

  • Schedule brief microlearning windows each day. Many people feel that they must choose between spending time with their families and advancing their careers. However, microlearning allows such hard-working professionals to engage in bite-sized training over morning coffee, on their lunch break, or at another convenient time.
  • Make good use of mobile devices. One of the key advantages that microlearning platforms offer is their optimization for mobile devices. Learners can engage in microlearning outside of their office or home. For example, workers who use Lorman's online training platform can learn at their own pace at a time and place convenient for them — whether that's during their morning commute, or in the evening when they're back at home.
  • Research and participate in job or task-specific microlearning modules. Many professionals are keenly interested in training that will provide practical help for the day-to-day demands of their job. When professionals perform their own research, they can choose the courses most relevant to their current position and spend time participating in them. For instance, Lorman's Learning Library has 13,000+ resources that cover a wide array of topics. Whether professionals are looking for help with soft or hard skills, there is something for everyone on Lorman's platform.

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In summary, microlearning is an excellent way for professionals and others to solidify important concepts in their minds, gain useful on-the-job skills, and advance their careers.

Lorman Education offers ongoing education courses for professionals that fit right into the microlearning methodology. The value of our membership lies in the fact that Enterprise or All-Access Pass members have unlimited access to every resource on our site.

That's right: unlimited. Learners can choose Learning Paths and track their progress as they work toward specific objectives. No matter what your learning style is, you can watch (and re-watch) courses whenever desired. Our platform is a perfect fit for professionals that require flexible, bite-sized instruction in order to reach their goals.


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