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Earn More CLE Credits Online in 2020 [Infographic]

Posted on 06/01/20 By Brittany K. King

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically impacted life for professionals, both at home and at work. Conferences and events across the nation have been suspended or canceled as states continue to enforce stay-at-home orders. Because of this, many states have temporarily changed CLE requirements for attorneys that would traditionally take place in-person. 

Find out which states have changed their online CLE requirements in 2020 below and browse Lorman's growing catalog of CLE training and courses to fulfill your CLE requirements.


infographic highlighting CLE changes in multiple states


Our CLE Courses and continuing education products are built to be convenient to your schedule and help you stay current with your CLE requirements.

Browse Lorman's catalog of CLE training and courses.


Brittany K. King
Brittany K. King

Brittany is the content marketing specialist for Lorman. Her background is in content strategy and social media marketing. Brittany has worked in an array of industries, ranging from consumer packaged goods to insurance and (of course) continuing education services.

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