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Hot Topics in Continuing Legal Education [eBook]

Posted on 10/12/20 By Brittany K. King

Mastering skills and staying current on industry trends are necessary ingredients to a successful career. Even skills and abilities you may have deemed essential five years ago are likely out of date, replaced with new high-demand proficiencies.

Professional development is a lifelong, constantly changing, endeavor. You want to ensure you have a well-rounded learning plan that will help strengthen all of your abilities, including soft interpersonal skills, hard technical skills, and industry knowledge. 

Our latest eBook, Hot Topics in Continuing Legal Education, highlights topical legal industry trends, the in-demand skills you need for career success, and which courses can help you achieve your goals. 

Key Chapters:

  • Strengthening Soft Skills 

Strong soft skills are becoming increasingly important for professionals to possess. Learn about the rise in demand for interpersonal skills and the most popular courses for career advancement. 

  • Acquiring Hard Skills 

Explore the most sought-after technical skills, such as Microsoft and management abilities, and why attaining a technical skillset will improve job performance and open the doors to more opportunities. 

  • Staying Current on Legal Trends

The legal landscape is always changing. Don't just check the boxes on your CLE requirements, discover relevant CLE topics that are of interest to you and pertinent to your role. 


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