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Employment Rises in the Construction Industry [Infographic]

Posted on 07/07/20 By Brittany K. King

The impact of the novel coronavirus on everyday life is incomparable to anything the United States has experienced in recent years, with drastic changes to working conditions and record-high unemployment rates. 

Even when the stock market declined throughout 2008, leading to what is now known as the Great Recession, the unemployment rate only topped off at 10.6%. The unemployment rate in 2020 is estimated to have reached as high as 16%, more comparable to the Great Depression peak rate of 25% in the 1930s. 

Luckily, some industries have already begun to bounce back from the impact of the virus. From May to June of this year, private sector employment increased by more than 2.3 million. The goods-producing sector, such as manufacturing and construction, have seen exponential growth since May. 

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See how employment has risen in construction and other goods-producing industries below



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Brittany K. King
Brittany K. King

Brittany is the content marketing specialist for Lorman. Her background is in content strategy and social media marketing. Brittany has worked in an array of industries, ranging from consumer packaged goods to insurance and (of course) continuing education services.

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