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Stay Ahead of the Change: 8 Courses to Help You Navigate Today’s Political Landscape

Stay Ahead of the Change: 8 Courses to Help You Navigate Today’s Political Landscape

Posted on 01/12/21 By Lorman Team

The 2020 general election was historic in more ways than one.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump each received more than 70 million votes, both surpassing Barack Obama’s previous record as the most voted for U.S. presidential candidate.

Roughly 66% of registered voters turned out (the highest voter turnout rate since 1900), and it was the second major U.S. election to take place during a pandemic (the 1918 midterms happened during the Spanish flu pandemic).

As Inauguration Day approaches, Americans are anticipating changes and reform in nearly all sectors, including foreign policy, climate change, health care, immigration, taxes, criminal justice, and COVID-19 response.

The courses below were created to help professionals like you stay on top of these expected post-election changes and navigate the shifting political landscape.


1. Why You Should Care About the CARES Act and 5 Ways to Reduce Student Debt

Length: 62 minutes

Student debt is a challenging issue made even more burdensome by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 11 million individuals are unemployed, and people continue to face financial problems like evictions, foreclosures, climbing credit card debt, and more.   

Stop feeling stuck by your bills and learn methods to escape the burden of student loans through the help of this course.


2. Estate Planning Techniques Regarding Spousal Lifetime Access Trust

Length: 97 minutes
Credit: CLE

Estate planning has advanced far beyond basic wills and powers of attorney. It’s imperative for estate planners to understand how to maximize the use of trusts and avoid the pitfalls that could defeat a well-intentioned plan.

This course will highlight the fundamentals of Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT) planning.


3. Post-Election 2020 Environmental Issues

Length: 67 minutes
Credit: CLE, AICP

Many people are anticipating Joe Biden to implement changes in the direction of environmental and energy policy once in office. While the Trump Administration worked to reduce environmental regulations, a Biden Administration will likely take opposing action.

This course dives into the key areas of environmental policy the Biden Administration will focus on.


4. Effects of Recent Events on Estate Planning

Length: 103 minutes
Credit: CLE

A lot could happen after Inauguration Day — including changes to tax laws. People are already expecting a reduction of the current estate and gift tax exemption during a Biden presidency. You need to know the benefits of using trusts in estate planning in general and be prepared with sophisticated trust strategies for high-net-worth clients.

Explore these possible changes in tax law that could impact estate planning.


5. Post-Election 2020: What Might OSHA Look Like in 2021?

Length: 64 minutes
Credit: SHRM

OSHA is restoring all electronic reporting recordkeeping requirements that were dropped during the Trump Administration. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to know what OSHA recordkeeping data needs to be filed electronically and how to prepare to fully respond.  

This course will help you gain an understanding of the expected OSHA recordkeeping data that will be required under the Biden Administration.


6. What the Next Presidential Term Could Mean for Attorneys

Length: 60 minutes
Credit: CLE

It’s no surprise a new president will bring about changes to the institutions lawyers regularly deal with. Not only do attorneys need to get familiar with new regulations and policies, but they also must understand how these changes can affect their practice.

Discover the ways in which regulations and policies may be changing and how it may affect your legal practice.


7. Tips and Techniques that Develop, Replace and Return Dollars That Help You Create a Better Lifestyle


What factors can impact your investment portfolio? This course will outline everything you need to know about Wall Street, including how a new president and foreign affairs may or may not impact your stocks.

This course will help you gain a better understanding of Wall Street so you can play like a financial


8. Secrets of The Rich and Famous - Protecting Your Loved Ones and Your Property

Credit: CLE, NASBA

You work hard to earn your income, so you need to know how to protect and maintain it. An effective estate plan helps ensure that your family’s financial needs, your individual demands, and your retirement are set.

Learn about your estate planning options and how to minimize taxes so you can plan for a liquid financial future.


The Biden Administration is expected to enact changes and reforms across all sectors. You can find regularly updated resources on our 2020 Election page.



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