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Remember when you had to sit through a long seminar just to earn your South Carolina CLE credits? This undoubtedly took time away from what matters most to any South Carolina attorney: serving the needs of the client.

Lorman Education Services offers a more practical, quicker way to fulfill your South Carolina CLE requirements. We offer a variety of South Carolina CLE courses and programs you can complete from the comfort of your home or office.

A Variety of High-quality South Carolina CLE Programs Available

Over the course of more than three decades, we’ve established relationships hundreds of accrediting agencies across the United States. This allows us to present a selection of online South Carolina CLE approved programs covering a wide range of relevant legal topics.

Learn the latest developments in areas such as trucking litigation, construction contracts, credit card security standards and employment law as they pertain to South Carolina law. Our knowledgeable faculty consisting of subject-matter experts prepare all South Carolina CLE materials.

We Make It Easy to Fit Earning South Carolina CLE Credits Into Your Schedule

When is the best time for you to take South Carolina CLE courses? In the evening? On the weekends? Between appointments? The big advantage of our South Carolina CLE online programs is the convenience.

In addition to live presentations that are available via webcast, you can also complete on-demand courses on a 24/7 basis. All you need is a Web-enabled computer, and you can fulfill your South Carolina CLE requirements whenever you have a gap in your schedule.

We’ve Helped More Than 1.4 Million Professionals Meet Their Continuing Education Requirements

Lorman Education Services is an experienced continuing education programs provider that serves professionals in a wide range of industries. In addition to helping you stay compliant, our South Carolina CLE courses will increase your knowledge base and enable you to develop valuable new skills. You’ll improve function and efficiency while staying one step ahead of the competition.

Check out our current list of South Carolina CLE course offerings and feel free to contact us for more information.

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South Carolina MCLE Requirement:

14 hours per reporting period (1 Year)
Deadline: February 28

Special Requirement(s): 

2 hours of legal ethics or professional responsibility. At least once every 3 annual reporting periods, 1 of these 2 specialty hours must be devoted to instruction in substance abuse or mental health issues and the legal profession.

Reporting date: 

March 1

Credit hour: 

60 minutes. For specific programs, divide by 60 and rounded down to the nearest hundredth hour.

Limit on credit hours for self-study: 

Attendees can obtain a maximum of 8 credits per year in the Lorman Education Services ondemand or live webinar formats.

Lorman Education Services Certificates:
Lorman Education Services provides certificates of attendance for Live webinars via email to all registered attendees for courses completed.  If you request credit, you will receive the credit/CLE certificate.  Otherwise a general certificate will be provided.  Live webinar certificates are emailed generally within a week.   Ondemand certificates are available to download in your Lorman account dashboard, below Courses, within 15 minutes.

Attendance Reporting:
Lorman Education Services will report your attendance for live webinars and ondemand courses as long as you have requested credit and provided your bar number.

Additional CLE/CEU Questions:
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