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First published in 1952, the Uniform Commercial Code provides a set of standards that governs sales laws and commercial transactions in the United States. Like any comprehensive legal document, the code is complex and requires ongoing study to understand completely.

Lorman Education Services’ online Uniform Commercial Code training courses demystify this important piece of legislation and help your business manage risk more effectively.

Our Uniform Commercial Code Training Courses and Products Help You Understand:

Why Make Uniform Commercial Code Training a Priority?

There is no standard certification for Uniform Commercial Code continuing education. To do business in the United States, you don’t need to demonstrate you understand this code. However, there are several important reasons why any business should not only familiarize themselves with the code, but invest in ongoing training for their staff:

Uniform Commercial Code training courses are perfect for legal counsel and business accounting professionals, too. Many of our classes help you earn professional development credits with your state’s bar association or accountancy board.

Uniform Commercial Code Training at Lorman

Lorman Education Services offers both general and state-specific training in many topics related to Uniform Commercial Code continuing education. Training covers relevant issues such as Article 9 foreclosures, the difference between express and implied warranties under Article 2 and more. Legal and accounting professionals — who bring an in-depth understanding of the code and its implications — develop content for every course.

Training is available via live webinars, archived course content, audiobooks, whitepapers, PDF eBooks and more. With a range of self-study options, you can learn at your own pace, from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

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