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Creating a Payroll Manual: Putting Your Procedures Into Writing

Do you have a payroll manual that is up-to-date and legally sound? Learn what needs to be included and how to respond if the DOL comes knocking.

In today's litigious environment, it is a good time to audit and update your company's payroll procedures and manual. This topic is intended to provide you with information on how to put together a payroll procedures manual. This material will cover what goes into a payroll procedures manual, how to conduct an internal payroll audit, how to document payroll procedures, drafting payroll policies, and how to address employee complaints about their paycheck and dealing with DOL investigations.

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What Is a Payroll Manual?

A payroll procedures manual is a single document that collects all of your organization’s processes and policies regarding how employees get paid. Creating a payroll manual — and making it part of your organization’s broader culture — has a number of benefits:

  • Accuracy: When processes are clearly spelled out, it increases the chance they will be followed the same way each pay period. This means fewer errors, less work for administrative staff and increased employee satisfaction.
  • Consistency: Having a set of standardized policies written out prevents the payroll department from becoming dependent on the expertise of a single individual. If a key HR staff member is out of the office, a payroll manual will ensure employees are still able to have their questions answered and their pay processed correctly and on-time.
  • Training: A payroll procedures manual is a valuable training tool that can be used to quickly onboard new hires. If a team member leaves suddenly or if there are issues that arise after they’re gone, having an up-to-date payroll manual will clear up any confusion easily.
  • Documentation: Clearly articulated policies are an essential part of overall organizational transparency. A payroll manual that spells out company policies and includes provisions for documenting and storing pay records can be critical in the event of an investigation by your local labor board.
  • Conflict resolution: Payroll manuals should contain protocols for resolving disputes in a fair, equitable manner. If there’s a problem with an employee’s pay, or any other concern, a well-written payroll manual will provide tools for addressing it or escalating the issue as necessary.
  • Efficiency: Too often, long-time staff get into unproductive habits. Creating a payroll manual is an opportunity to look at what works and what doesn’t, to streamline processes and improve accountability, and ultimately to help your HR and accounting teams work more effectively.

In this program, you’ll gain a set of tools that can be used to create an effective payroll manual for your organization. This program can be useful for bookkeepers and other payroll staff, as well as managers and executives. It is broad enough in scope to be applicable to businesses and nonprofits of any size, in virtually any industry.

Program Background and Credits

Like all our programs, “Creating a Payroll Manual: Putting Your Procedures Into Writing” reflects the latest laws and regulations as well as the practical experience of our subject matter experts. Your instructor for this webinar is Julie A. Pace, a senior member in The Cavanagh Law Firm whose practice is concentrated in the fields of employment, human resources and related topics.

Upon completion of this OnDemand training program, you may be able to qualify for continuing education credits with your state board of public accountancy, as well as with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB), the HR Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). See the Credits tab for further details, or contact our customer response team directly with any specific eligibility questions you have.

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“Creating a Payroll Manual: Putting Your Procedures Into Writing” was originally developed as a live program and is currently available through our OnDemand archive. OnDemand content is available in three formats:

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Other Payroll Training Options

An All-Access Pass or enterprise license is the perfect way to explore our full catalogue of training programs for less. In addition to “Creating a Payroll Manual: Putting Your Procedures Into Writing,” other courses that might be of interest to you include:

  • Payroll Reconciliation and Reporting — Getting It Right the First Time
  • Start Profiting From Payroll — How You Can Make Payroll a Profit Center
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Our OnDemand archive contains more than 12,000 programs, many of which look at common payroll and accounting issues from a national or state-specific perspective. Additionally, we host dozens of live training sessions every month, and old courses are periodically refreshed to ensure they reflect the latest laws, regulations and best practices in your industry.

Who Can Benefit?

Through our programming, you’ll gain skills that will help you work more efficiently, minimize errors, simplify regulatory compliance and grow your career in interesting new directions. If you’re an independent bookkeeper or other freelancer, our training will help you retain existing clients and attract new ones by developing a reputation for accuracy and professionalism.

If you’re a recent graduate or are new to the job market, the commitment to career development you demonstrate by taking our courses will set you apart from your peers. If you’re further along professionally, our programming will help you stay on top of changing laws, best practices and technologies.

Why Make Lorman Education Services Your First Choice for Payroll Manual Training?

Lorman Education Services is the smart choice in professional development training for payroll and bookkeeping professionals. Since 1987, we’ve been developing innovative distance learning programs. To date, more than 1.4 million individuals have used our courses to gain new skills and advance their careers.

Creating a payroll manual is a small but critical requirement for any business. Like all business tools, payroll manuals must be developed and implemented with clear purpose, and be based on the realities your organization faces rather than a one-size-fits all solution.

In this course, you’ll learn the difference between a manual that is merely functional and one that can actually help you run a more productive operation. Upon completion, you’ll be able to take the skills you’ve learned back to your job and apply them to develop better overall processes, systems and documentations.

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Why Lorman?

Over 34 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.


Items to Consider Including in a Payroll Procedures Manual

  • Payroll Practices
  • Code of Conduct
  • Integrity and Compliance
  • Audits
  • Record Retention
  • Compliance With Wage and Hour Rules
  • Travel Time
  • Review of Timecards or Time Records
  • New Hire Reporting
  • I-9 and E-Verify Procedures
  • W-4s and W-9s
  • EEO-1 and Vets 100 Reports
  • Affirmative Action Requirements, If Applicable
  • Safety and Security Procedures
  • Affordable Care Act Penalty Calculations
  • Tips and Strategies for ACA Reporting and Forms

Handling Complaints by Employees

  • Paycheck Audits
  • Other Types of Complaints

Responding to Government Inquiries

  • Handling SSN No Match Letters
  • Handling Third-Party Inquiries About Identity Issues
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Why Lorman?

Over 34 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.


OnDemand Course

This course was last revised on May 8, 2019.

Call 1-866-352-9540 for further credit information.

This program does NOT qualify, nor meet the National Standard for NASBA accreditation.

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Why Lorman?

Over 34 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.


Julie A. Pace

Julie A. Pace

Gammage & Burnham, PLC

  • Partner at Gammage & Burnham, PLC
  • Practice handles employment law, handbooks, drug and alcohol policies, I-9 and E-Verify compliance and audits, OSHA, independent contractor and alleged misclassification issues with DES and other government agencies, and defends claims of sexual harassment, employment discrimination, retaliation, whistle-blower, and wrongful discharge, and against charges by the EEOC or ACRD
  • Handles matters involving EEOC, OSHA, ICE, OFCCP, DOL, NLRB, ADA, FMLA, Davis-Bacon, wage and hour laws, and affirmative action plans
  • Has worked extensively with COVID-19 preparedness and response, FFCRA leaves, PPP, and other issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Regularly provides training to companies and assists with investigations
  • Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America
  • Best Lawyers in Construction
  • Frequent speaker and writer on a variety of employment topics
  • Co-editor of three books on employment law, published by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Recipient of Arizona Business magazine’s 2008 Centers of Influence Award, which recognizes the 10 leading attorneys, accountants and bankers in Arizona
  • J.D. degree, cum laude, Arizona State University; B.S. degree in business administration, magna cum laude, Arizona State University
  • Can be contacted at 602-256-4488 or [email protected]
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Why Lorman?

Over 34 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.

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