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Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts

Learn powerful productivity-boosting tips and secrets that will speed up your work in Excel® and remove some of those hair-tearing-out moments.

This course will cover the benefits of using tables to store list-based data. We will demonstrate how to create a table and add, delete, and modify data within a table. We will also discuss the advantages of using tables over traditional ranges, including automatic formatting, sorting, and filtering. We will demonstrate how to create a pivot table and show how to summarize and analyze large amounts of data using pivot tables. Learn various time-saving data entry shortcuts for entering data in Excel® and how to use data across worksheets and workbooks, including how to use formulas to link data between worksheets, how to use 3D references to summarize data across multiple worksheets, and how to use external references to link data between workbooks. We will also cover how to use conditional formatting to automatically format cells based on their values. We will demonstrate how to create rules to highlight cells that meet certain criteria, such as values above or below a certain threshold, duplicate values, or cells that contain specific text. Lastly, we will cover how to protect your spreadsheets from accidental or intentional changes. We will demonstrate how to lock cells or ranges to prevent users from editing them and how to password-protect your workbook to prevent unauthorized access.

64 minutes
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Our training program gives you 24/7 access to valuable tips and advice that will save time and increase your Excel® proficiency.

The Microsoft Excel® software program has become an essential tool in businesses of all types and sizes in virtually every industry. This powerful, versatile program simplifies the process of creating spreadsheets that enable the user to organize data and make it easier to manipulate.

Examples of the numerous practical applications for Excel® spreadsheets include keeping track of sales by customer, calculating hours worked by employee, developing charts to analyze company performance and monitoring customer payments, to name just a few.

Here’s how developing Excel® proficiency offers advantages to users:

- Ability to organize and manage large blocks of data enables users to make fast, informed business decisions.

- Conditional formatting helps users to differentiate between multiple data sets.

- Using data to create charts and graphs allows the identification of trends that impact business operations.

- Users gain the ability to bring files and documents together in a single location.

- Sharing spreadsheets with multiple team members facilitates the collaborative process.

- Simplified data management and analysis saves time and increases productivity.

While Excel® has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, it does require some training to master its multiple features and applications. Whether you’re a first-time or veteran user, you likely can benefit from some expert guidance to maximize your Excel® experience. Our “Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts” training program provides a convenient, affordable solution that will increase your Excel® proficiency in a short amount of time.   

Learn Excel® Shortcuts That Will Develop and Hone Your Skills

Learning Objectives

Our Excel® shortcuts training program will fulfill the following objectives:

- You will learn how to perform multiple functions with a single keystroke.

- You will be able to reduce the time it takes to perform basic and more complex Excel® tasks.

- You will learn how to eliminate steps when executing essential Excel® functions.

- You will be able to avoid the common pitfalls that reduce productivity when using Excel®.

Specific Program Topics That Will Increase Your Excel® Proficiency

We cover all the Excel® essentials in one easy-to-follow program. Key topics include:

  • Effective application of keystroke shortcuts — Why make multiple entries when you can perform several functions in Excel® with a single keystroke? Through our training, you will discover how quick and easy it is to execute tasks such as applying currency, data and time, adding new worksheets to a current workbook, using existing data to create charts, and displaying or concealing worksheet formulas with one keystroke. This will save time and increase accuracy by eliminating the need to make multiple entries.
  • Copying formulas and data — The use of formulas is one of the popular and valuable applications for Excel® spreadsheets. You can create formulas that can count cells between dates or numbers, calculate sums such as running totals and subtotals, calculate monthly or weighted averages, determine minimum and maximum values and much more. Our program will illustrate easy Excel® shortcuts for copying formulas and data into hundreds or thousands of cells with a simple double-click of a mouse.
  • Learn Excel® shortcuts for copying and moving data — Do you find copying and transporting data from one cell to another to be a tedious, time-consuming process? Did you know that instead of engaging in a multistep procedure, you can simply drag data from one cell to another? Our training program will demonstrate this much more efficient technique for transferring data, which can be a big time-saver if you’re a heavy Excel® spreadsheet user.
  • Increasing or decreasing values within a range — Increasing and decreasing values within a range of cells is another common function that creates headaches for some Excel® users. Our training program will show you how to execute this task without having to set up complex formulas. You will avoid the frustration that often accompanies this necessary but challenging application — and save time in the process.
  • Faster, easier conversion of formulas to values — Another standard function that minimizes Excel® efficiency is the cumbersome process of converting the formulas you create to perform essential tasks to the values required for reliable data analysis. Our program will teach you how to execute the conversion in one step instead of the five or six steps you might be implementing now.
  • Generating double-spaced printouts Some users prefer to print out double-spaced Excel® spreadsheets to make them easier to read — especially with spreadsheets that contain a large volume of data. We’ll show you how easy it is to add a space between a row of datasets — without having to endure the tedious process of manually inserting blank rows. You’ll be able to create a more legible, user-friendly spreadsheet in a fraction of the time.
  • Streamlined workbook/worksheet navigation — The ability to generate worksheets containing organized rows and columns of data, as well as workbooks consisting of multiple worksheets of related data, is one of the biggest advantages for many Excel® users. However, navigating multiple worksheets can be challenging. Our program demonstrates how to find the data you need by using simple keystrokes or mouse shortcuts.
  • Faster, easier list compilation — Excel® also provides easy access to lists based on criteria such as date, time and values. We will show you how to generate and compile lists without having to create and implement complex formulas or execute time-consuming multistep commands.

Experience the Numerous Benefits Provided by Our Excel® Training Program

Using our program to increase your Excel® proficiency will benefit you in many ways, both now and throughout your career:

  • Saving time — Think of how much time you spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis entering data, creating formulas, organizing information, etc. with Excel®. Our program will minimize the time you must apply to these and other Excel® functions, allowing you to devote more of your workday to more productive activities.
  • Saving hassles — Attempting to navigate the multiple Excel® features can be a frustrating experience. Our program will teach you how to employ various Excel® shortcuts that will make the use of spreadsheets so much easier and less aggravating. You won’t have to rely on the IT department or more tech-savvy coworkers for guidance.
  • Overcoming “Excel® phobia” — Excel® can be intimidating, especially for newer users. By providing tips and shortcuts that will make using Excel® so much simpler, our training program will increase your comfort level and remove the fear that often companies learning a new computer program.
  • Making faster, more informed decisions — While Excel® can provide access to a treasure trove of information, you must know how to access, organize and use the data efficiently. The knowledge and effective utilization of Excel® shortcuts will teach you how to access information more quickly so you can implement it during the decision-making process.
  • Becoming a “power user” — Our program can help you increase your Excel® proficiency to the point where you become the Excel® expert in your office. You’ll be the one that your coworkers rely on whenever they need assistance, increasing your value to your employer.
  • Enhancing your career prospects — Today’s employers place a high value on computer skills when hiring new employees or considering current workers for advancement opportunities. Our Excel® training program will arm you with valuable skills that will help you stand out in a highly competitive job market.
  • Avoiding Excel® underutilization — Excel® offers so many valuable features — many of which are unknown to the average user. Our program will make you aware of these “hidden” features and show you how to use them to your advantage.
  • Maximizing productivity — Perhaps the most important benefit derived from the program is that, by increasing your Excel® proficiency, you will be able to get more work done in less time. You might be able to avoid those late nights at the office that are often necessary to meet project deadlines.

We Make Increasing Your Excel® Efficiency Easy and Convenient

At Lorman, we recognize that participating in training could require you to take time away from productive work activities. That’s why we’ve designed our programs with built-in flexibility to allow you to engage in training and continuing education on your schedule.

The “Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts” offering is available in a convenient, user-friendly audio and reference manual format that combines a text-based PDF with an MP3 audio file delivered by USB flash drive. Just plug in the drive to your computer or other compatible device and get instant access to the material whether you’re in the office, at home, in a hotel room or at the airport waiting for a plane.

We’ve also made the material as easy to follow as possible, even if you’re a novice Excel® user who is unfamiliar with its long list of features. You’ll be able to navigate the program at your own pace and review the information as often as necessary. There’s no better way to increase your Excel® efficiency and develop the skills you need to succeed.

Purchase Our All-Access Pass and Minimize Your Training Costs

Our “Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts” program is available at a low price point to fit even the tightest training budget. But if you need to engage in ongoing training to keep up with industry standards or meet continuing education requirements, our All-Access Pass warrants careful consideration. As the name implies, the pass will give you access to unlimited training opportunities — you’re only required to pay once, and you’ll be able to order as many programs as you wish for an entire year. The pass could save you hundreds of dollars when compared to making individual program purchases.

The All-Access Pass applies to all program formats. In addition to the audio and reference manual, you can also participate in the more than 70 live webinars we present each month. Other available formats and materials include on-demand webinars, white papers, articles, executive reports and many others. No one offers more opportunities to consume information than Lorman Education!

Why Should Your Make Lorman Your One-Stop Source for All Your Training Needs?

We back our “Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts” program and other training offerings with more than 30 years of experience. More than 1.4 million workers in professions ranging from law and medicine to accounting and marketing have put their trust in Lorman — they know they will receive the effective, convenient, affordable training they need to achieve their learning objectives.

As a valued Lorman student, you also will be able to benefit from an abundance of learning opportunities that will help you develop the skills you need to improve function and efficiency, meet your compliance and continuing education requirements and gain an advantage in a competitive job market.

Another reason Lorman is your best choice for training solutions is the quality of our faculty. We carefully select the best instructors who are subject matter experts in their industry — and possess the essential teaching skills to convey their knowledge and expertise to our students. What’s more, every instructor we hire shares our passion for providing exceptional educational opportunities that will make a meaningful difference in the careers and lives of our students.

Why Not Get Started on Your Excel® Training Right Now?

The Excel® training you need to improve your skills, increase your productivity and enhance your career prospects is at your fingertips. Learn the Excel® shortcuts and tips you need to increase your proficiency by ordering our “Excel® Power Tips and Shortcuts” program today. You can also purchase our All-Access Pass to benefit from an affordable, comprehensive training solution for an entire year. And feel free to contact us directly if you have questions or need additional information for any of our training programs.

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Why Lorman?

Over 37 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.


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Summarize Your Data With a Simple Pivot Table

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Why Lorman?

Over 37 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.


OnDemand Course

This course was last revised on May 9, 2023.

Call 1-866-352-9540 for further credit information.

  • AIPB 1.0
  • This program is acceptable for 1.0 CPEC(s) towards the CB designation through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).
  • ASAP PACE 0.1
  • This course is pre-approved through the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) for 0.1 CEU(s) towards your PACE Recertification.
  • IAAP 1.0
  • All education that aligns with the CAP Body of Knowledge can be used toward recertification. Lorman Education Services believes this course does align and should be counted toward recertification. Please visit IAAP's certification webpage to review recertification details and requirements. https://www.iaap-hq.org/page/CAP_Recertification. Course Length: 1.0.

This program does NOT qualify, nor meet the National Standard for NASBA accreditation.

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Why Lorman?

Over 37 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.


Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas


  • UK-based IT trainer with a career spanning over 30 years
  • Has delivered thousands of courses and produced hundreds of written and video-based tutorials
  • Subject matter expert in a range of technologies with a primary focus and passion for Microsoft Office, especially Excel, on both the Windows and Mac platforms, and Power BI
  • A fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute
  • Has worked with, and for many global and UK-based companies, and organizations across a diverse range of industries which include healthcare, pharmaceutical, and the public sector
  • Designs and develops Microsoft Office®-based solutions that automate key business tasks, and processes
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Why Lorman?

Over 37 years and 1.4 million customers worth of experience providing continuing education. Our passion is providing you world-class training to help you succeed in business and as a professional.

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All of your training, right here at Lorman.

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