Training and Your Interviewing Skills

The effects of training on interviewing skills can expand well beyond the interview by leading to better hiring decisions.

Interview training can be crucial for many professionals. Managers need to make hiring decisions and often use interviews as a way of evaluating hiring options from among prescreened candidates. Business owners, and especially smaller business owners, may be hiring as part of rapid growth, and strong interview skills can help ensure they don't make costly mistakes with hiring decisions.

Any professionals who sometimes take part in hiring committees can benefit from understanding how to ask questions and how to look for responses so as much information as possible is gleaned from each interview. Even attorneys and other professionals may need interview training practice if there is a chance they will need to hire a virtual assistant, paralegal, contractor or any other professional as part of their job.

The Effects of Training on Interviewing Skills Can Be Seen in Your Decision-Making

No one is born a brilliant interviewer. Like many skills in business, this is something that can be honed with time. Lorman Education Services offers a number of formats and training solutions for you to develop your interview skills to their fullest. With a variety of training formats — like on-demand training, audiobooks, MP3s, articles, case studies and more — you can choose the format you want.

Since our services are available online, you can access training at any time. Whether you want to access the information while you're traveling on a plane or when you're relaxing at home, every moment can become a training opportunity.

Start Training Now

The effects of online training on interviewing skills are wide-ranging. With the right training, you may notice your interviews are more efficient and you’re better able to screen candidates. You may find it easier to set up, conduct and conclude interviews. You may even find that your communication skills see an overall improvement.

No matter what your career might look like, Lorman Education Services offers career training for professionals who are interested in ongoing education. Whether you’re a new business owner interested in hiring the right team or an experienced executive who wants to fine-tune interview skills while staying compliant with current laws, Lorman Education Services has training resources to support your needs.

In addition, Lorman Education Services works to make it affordable for you to train for the interview skills you need. Our All-Access Pass allows you to access all of our training materials, including interview training materials, for one fixed price. You can brush up on your interview skills or learn all about recruiting.

You also have the option of purchasing individual training modules if you only want to learn about a specific subtopic of interview skills. We can even put together a personalized or on-site training module for you or your entire department.

Sign up for Lorman Education Services training today or contact us for on-site and personalized training solutions. Either way, you'll be well on your way toward better interviews.

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