Training for Admin Staff

Lorman Education Services offers options for flexible access to the best resources for training for admin staff.

Companies in every sector rely on skilled administrative assistants to help them stay on task, on schedule, on budget and on track for success. Businesses are often careful about the administrative assistants they hire, and they expect a high level of proficiency and expertise in job candidates.

Whether you are seeking employment or want to advance your career, training for admin staff can help you obtain the credentials and the knowledge you need to show your qualifications. If you run an organization, admin staff online training can help ensure your team has the knowledge and expertise you need to move your business toward future success.

We can help in both situations. Lorman Education Services offers memberships for individual career professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of administrative assistant best practices and current technologies, as well as training designed for companies interested in investing in their admin staff.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services is budget friendly, with a year-long membership that allows you to access all of our training for administrative assistants for one affordable and fixed price. With a yearly plan, you receive access to all of the materials we have available, allowing you to formulate your personalized training regimen to gain the credentials and the knowledge you need to become the most effective administrative assistant possible.

You will receive the most current and unreleased information as it becomes available, ensuring you stay up to date in your career field. Lorman Education Services also makes it easy for administrative assistants to receive the training they need, no matter how hectic their schedules. With self-paced training, you can study from the comfort of your home or from an office when you have the time.

With Lorman Education Services, you study at a pace that makes sense for you and on your own schedule. Online training for admin staff ensures you can study from anywhere as long as you have a tablet, iPhone, computer or mobile device.

Why Admin Staff Training?

Administrative assistants who engage in ongoing training may be better able to show their commitment to their career and approach job interviews and career opportunities with more confidence. Businesses are selective when choosing the administrative assistants who will have access to private company information and who will be tasked with keeping the company compliant and moving forward. Ongoing training shows your commitment to mastering the skills you need to help your employer succeed.

If you wish to be certified by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), a nonprofit organization for administrative professionals, ongoing training is part of the recertification requirement. Training from Lorman Education Services may be able to help you meet some of the recertification requirements.

If you're ready to take charge of your career and master the administrative assistant field, sign up for an all-year membership with Lorman Education Services. More than 1.4 million professionals have already turned to Lorman Education Services when they have needed training. If you require in-person training or personalized training solutions, we also offer those options.

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