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How effectively you manage your time can have an important impact on both your professional success and your level of satisfaction with your career. No one wants to feel stressed about their work — when you are proactive about managing your time and prioritizing multiple deadlines, you’ll not only accomplish more, you’ll do so in a way that’s better for your overall health and happiness.

One reason time management is such an in-demand skill is that there is no easy way to develop it. Unlike, for example, learning a piece of software or becoming a faster typist, time management is an ongoing pursuit, one which is developed in small increments over the long term.

Time Management Training Courses at Lorman Education Services

Continuing education is important. Professionals who excel at managing their time are the product of ongoing training and a proactive approach to skills development. Lorman Education Services offers a wide range of time management training courses for professionals in all disciplines. Browse our catalogue to explore your options, or sign up for our mailing list to receive regular updates.

Benefits of Time Management Training

Time management training is about becoming a more productive worker, one step at a time. Some of the many aspects addressed in our time management training courses include:

Our programming uses real-world examples and experience to provide practical tips that will help you do your job more effectively. This is due partly to the strength of our faculty — unlike other online institutions, we are selective in who we work with, and do most of our recruiting from top management and consulting firms. Visit individual course pages for program details and to learn more about our instructors.

Using Technology to Bring Training to You

At Lorman Education Services, our focus is on providing busy professionals with exciting training opportunities that work around their schedules. We have been a distance learning leader since 1987. Today, we offer two convenient ways to learn: live webinars and our OnDemand archive. Live training events are hosted over our secure server and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. OnDemand training includes previously recorded webinars and specially created content such as audiobooks, technical manuals and textbooks. It can be downloaded or streamed at any time.

Working With Lorman Education Services

Our customer response team is available to answer any questions you may have about our time management training and other online courses. Sign up for a class today, or purchase an All-Access Pass for a full year of training for only $699.

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