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Upgrade your skills with a range of online teacher training options from the distance learning experts.

Teachers who make their continuing education a priority are better positioned to manage time more efficiently, deal with challenges as they arise and succeed in their careers. Unfortunately, for most teachers, the reality of their jobs is that there simply aren’t enough opportunities to attend lectures and other in-person training.

Fortunately, online continuing education has emerged in recent years as a viable alternative to conventional professional development courses. However, not all providers are created equally. Lorman Education Services has been providing innovative distance learning since 1987. We have a variety of teacher training options that are affordable and accessible, and that deliver value for professionals at any stage of their career.

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Here’s why you should make Lorman Education Services your first choice for all your training needs:

Teacher Training Options Resources

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We have invested heavily in the people, the programming and the technology to help teachers keep their skills current. Is it any wonder we’ve been the first choice in skills development training for more than 1.4 million busy professionals to date?

Teacher Training Options

Follow the links on this page to explore our live programming calendar and self-study archive. Our courses cover topics that are relevant to teachers at all levels. Some recent live programs which are currently available for purchase OnDemand include:

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Lorman Education Services offers online teacher training options for any professional who wants to do their job more effectively. Our programming is accessible to anyone, including those outside the education field who want to apply its lessons to their professional life. Check out individual course pages for details. Better yet, sign up and start training today!

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