Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Courses

Find courses on the new tax cuts and jobs act to help you stay compliant

New Tax Legislation Impacts Everyone

With all the changes in New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, our goal is to provide you with all the courses you need to stay up to date and compliant. Legislation surrounding the US tax laws hadn't been touched in decades and with sweeping overhaul, professionals in may different professional industries are impacted greatly. From accounting, estate planning and taxes to human resources and employee benefits, the new tax laws will cause many professionals to reset the way they perform their jobs

Courses Cover those Impacted

Our catalog of courses that cover the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is growing at a rapid pace month over month. With the new legislation, we have dissected all the parts of the new laws to provide you an easily consumable set of courses that you can take to keep you compliant and up to date with all the changing laws and regulations.

Courses covering the tax reform:

Learn Online with our Live or OnDemand Options

Many of our courses are available as a live webinar so you can ask immediate questions to the faculty to help tailor the program to your exact needs. Our ondemand courses are a great way to take courses on your time still giving you a chance to speak with faculty, however delayed responses are to be expected. Choose from a variety of tax, accounting, HR, payroll and many other industry level courses to help you stay compliant in the industry you serve best.

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