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Stormwater runoff is the chief cause of flooding, soil erosion and damage to homes and buildings. The U.S. EPA and state environmental agencies provide clear cut regulations to reduce pollution from rainwater and snow melt. The EPA specifically addresses the issue of stormwater in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) that outlines methods and technology for reducing flood damage, protect wetlands, eco systems, public health and conservation of water.

A major factor in system design is location. For example, a system may be designed for agricultural runoff, discharges from municipal piping or railroad water collection. The typical control system is designed as a pumping station that collects water, industrial runoff, drains and oily water. For example, in a flood plain area where land is adjacent to a stream or river that stretches from the banks of its channel to the base of the enclosing valley walls, it experiences flooding during periods of high storm discharge. To avoid residential and commercial damage, the size of the system needs to be compatible with the size of the land and/or water mass. In the U.S., FEMA defines flood zones to assist system engineers in locating flood plain areas and also outlines reports and data on flood management.

Why is Storm Water Training Important

There is more to understanding how to design a collectin system with the ability to comprehensively manage water collection. Designers require storm water training to provide a complete view of the duties of their jobs and also to help link federal and state storm water compliance regulations to storm water design, installation and operation.

Some states like New York and New Jersey also provide compliance guidelines at the state level. These guidelines help licensed professionals in selection, planning, design and construction of onsite source controls to comply with new and/or changing rules. Stormwater compliance with the growing regulations and rules makes it often difficult to know what you can and cannot do. Learn from our experts today on stormwater issues that are changing and evolving.

Training courses for Storm Water Professionals

In terms of land development in new and existing communities, stormwater courses are an important part of choosing the most applicable flood and water discharge management system. Find courses today that can help storm water professionals stay compliant and up to date on current practices and regulations. Stormwater courses provide a diverse array of study topics such as employee management, business law, engineering design and installation, environmental, public works and contruction.

Stormwater training is provided by Lorman Education Services. Stormwater training at Lorman Education Services is designed to increase trainees knowledge of watershed planning and laws pertaining to water discharges and construction of systems.

Lorman Education Services expands knowledge of storm water professionals by offering state-of-the-art training for present and future water issues. For more details, visit today.

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