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While South Dakota does not have a mandatory CLE requirement, Lorman Education Services offers South Dakota attorneys with online continuing legal education (CLE) courses to help keep skills up to date. Courses covered include topics ranging from bankruptcy and lien law, to trucking litigation and DOT regulations. Whatever your specific area of practice, we have up-to-date programming that is designed to meet the needs of today’s working legal professionals.

Why Continued Legal Education(CLE)?

Lorman Education Services' webinars are designed to fit into the working needs of today’s professionals. With online and OnDemand options, you can work at your own pace, viewing programming and getting effective training without having to take away from your responsibilities to your clients.

Find courses that are approved for states that are approved for CLE credit. Even though South Dakota may not have requirements for CLE credits, many attorneys may practice across state lines. Browse our catalog CLE credits to help you keep up to date on your license.


Our Faculty

Our faculty is a key reason why Lorman Education Services is one of the best places to earn South Dakota CLE credits online. We have close working relationships with many of the top 350 law firms in the country and are able to draw from a wide pool of talent to offer innovative, informed programming. Our webinars cover both theory and practice, illuminating a changing legal and technological landscape using real-world examples. Through our online training options, you’ll learn how to serve clients better, how to grow your business and how to manage risk more effectively.

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