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While South Dakota does not have a mandatory CLE requirement, professional development should still be an important priority for any lawyer. Ultimately, the better trained you are, the more you can offer your clients — South Dakota lawyers may pursue CLE in other states that they practice in, please check the state specific CLE information on each course.

Continuing legal education is more than just course work. Lawyers who continue skill building and refreshing their knowledge base know they set themselves apart from the competition through their commitment to ongoing learning and proactive service.

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One of the biggest difficulties to continuing legal education (CLE) in South Dakota is that a low population density — and one of the smallest number of lawyers per capita — mean there are few in-person training opportunities that don’t require travel. That’s where Lorman Education Services comes in. We have one of the most extensive selections of South Dakota CLE training online. Browse live and OnDemand courses covering topics such workers’ compensation, tax law and more, with both a national and state-specific focus.

With Lorman, it’s easy and convenient to keep up-to-date with current trends, changes to the law and other factors that affect your practice. Browse our current online courses for CLE credit offerings on this page. Archived webinars are available OnDemand at any time, from any internet-enabled computer. Sign up today to reserve your spot in an upcoming live course or, better yet, purchase our All-Access Pass for a full year of unlimited training opportunities.

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