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Whether you are in human resources or a business owner, you know that sexual harassment in the workplace is a trending topic. Workplace sexual harassment can not only cause serious damage to victims but it will also cause businesses to carry a reputation even if the business has tried to protect its workers. How can you as a professional or a business continue to prevent sexual harassment in your business?

Sexual harassment is often very difficulty to see if you are not watching closely. Harassment can be subtle words aimed at creating a conversation but can ultimately end up being unwanted. Without the most updated and relevant policies and procedures in place, a business today could be fostering a harassment friendly environment. Risks surrounding sexual harassment are too big to just stick your head in the sand. Let us help you and your business make sure you are creating the right policies and procedures and ultimately creating the environment that is harassment free.

Training Courses and Resources

Our sexual harassment training courses are a great start to helping you prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Our courses are tailored toward compliance and help shape your business by looking at the rules and regulations. These courses will undoubtedly help you create the correct procedures and policies you need to create for your business.

Our courses can be take live or ondemand. During the live presentation, you will have the ability to ask real time questions to faculty helping shape the course towards your needs. Live courses are a great way to take just a small time out of your day to gather a team into a conference room and listen together. OnDemand courses are built for stopping and starting and taking the course when you want and where you want. If you want to take the course at work for part of the time and start it back up at home, our ondemand courses on sexual harassment are the right way to go.

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Growing Catalog of Courses

As the business environment continues to evolve, sexual harassment will also continue to evolve. Our courses are developed daily and new courses are released every day to help stay updated on topics across multiple industries including those dealing with sexual harassment. Some courses are developed for HR Professionals while many others are developed for business managers and professionals in a variety of industries.

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Start your training today by clicking the training button above or simply give us a call and we will gladly assist you in finding that course of choice. That's what makes us who we are today, great service for over 30 years.

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