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Tax laws are complex, and government agencies are increasingly concerned about enforcement, meaning accountants, executives and all professionals need a working knowledge of tax compliance and regulations. A sales and use tax workshop allows you to learn the practical techniques and tips you need to avoid penalties and to stay fully compliant with all current tax laws.

Not every online sales and use tax workshop is cut from the same cloth, of course. If you want professional-quality training trusted by more than 1.4 million professionals, turn to Lorman Education Services. Get an All-Access Pass or purchase individual training resources. You can also contact us for customized and on-site solutions for your whole team or organization.

Working With Lorman Education Services to Meet Your Training Needs

Lorman Education Services training helps you understand how sales and use tax applies to mail order and e-businesses, as well as a variety of industries and business models. You'll learn how to define tangible property and services and how you need to meet your tax obligations. Lorman Education Services training can teach you how to improve your tax reporting accuracy and efficiency, how to stay ready for audits, how to meet your tax obligations correctly and how to avoid making costly mistakes with your tax liability.

Lorman Education Services is always updating and upgrading training options, so you'll become aware of changing legal obligations and regulations as they happen. Plus, you'll have access to archived materials that can help you find new techniques for reducing tax liabilities. You'll learn common mistakes taxpayers make and tips to make you more effective at tax time as well as all year. Lorman Education Services also offers courses on collection and enforcement issues, ensuring you get the training you need.

What Can Training Do for You?

Lorman Education Services training can help you learn about many sales and use tax topics, including:

Lorman Education Services works with the top 100 CPA firms and top 350 legal firms in the business. We only work with some of the top teachers and professionals in the financial industry to bring you the best sales and use tax training. When you work with Lorman Education Services, you get the best professional resources possible, because we work with only the top minds in your field to bring you the best training we can.

To get started with training today, sign up for an All-Access Pass. It will give you unlimited access to all our resources for one year at a flat fee. You can also choose to contact us about custom or on-site training for your whole team, or you can purchase an individual seminar or training resource.

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