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Whether you're a seasoned sales manager, new to sales or a business owner, learning the art of selling is much more than just meets the eye. Sales fundamentals and tips change daily and new ways to impact the bottom line is a key metric to have for a growing business. Participating in relevant, effective sales continuing education programs can help you stay knowledgeable on the latest sales techniques, which can make the difference between success and failure in this highly demanding field.

Lorman Education Services can provide continuing education for sales professionals that will have a positive impact now and throughout your career. Over the course of more than 28 years, we have helped approximately 1.4 million individuals in a wide range of industries reach their professional goals. We focus our Sales training courses and products on keeping you and your business up to date on the new trends on selling and all the new tips to making your business grow year over year. Get the sales training you need to succeed without having to leave your home or office, which can end up saving you time, money and effort.

Some of our past and upcoming sales training courses include:

Turn Any Course into In-house Training

Tailor any Lorman sales course into a convenient, in-house training program. Fulfill your organization’s educational needs by bringing your sales training onsite. Taking advantage of an in-house training program allows you the flexibility to decide what and when you want to learn.

Attend Live Sales Training Courses Online

The sales profession is known for its in-person training seminars that often turn out to be nothing more than glorified pep rallies. Our options for continuing education for sales professionals include live online training events that don’t require taking a day out of your schedule to travel to an off-site location. They also cover relevant topics that can benefit sales professionals in any industry such as cold calling, networking and developing effective sales methodologies. By getting your sales training online, you may never need to attend an on-site sales seminar again.

Enjoy the Convenience of On-Demand Continuing Education for Sales

If a live training event doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, our on-demand training resources can meet your requirements. These resources are available on a 24/7 basis via any Web-enabled computer. Training materials can include everything from recorded training events to informative whitepapers, articles, videos, slide deck presentations and more. You’ll have the flexibility to complete your sales training online whenever you can find the time.

Quality Sales Continuing Education Programs Developed by Experienced Sales Professionals

Our accomplished faculty includes sales professionals who are up-to-date on the latest sales techniques and trends. This allows them to develop relevant, easy-to-follow training programs and resources that will help you find more prospects, make more effective presentations and close more deals. You’ll acquire new skills that will boost your productivity and give you an edge in the highly competitive sales field.

Browse Our Current Sales Training Offerings

Please take a few minutes to explore our current selection of continuing education courses and materials, and feel free to contact us for additional information. Be sure to check back often — we’re constantly updating our sales training course offerings.

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