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Innovation and Creativity in Your Organization

“Innovation is the lifeblood to any organization’s continued success. It helps overcome the many challenges we face. Here’s why:

Organizations face challenges EVERYWHERE, from global competition to rapid changes in technology, changing demographics, an aging population, etc. Too big to fail is no longer a realistic survival reality. Huge organizations are becoming extinct at a faster rate of attrition than ever before. Here’s the proof. In 1958, the average life span of an S&P 500 company was 58 years. Today it’s less than 18 years. We need to infuse our organizations with a creative spirit to achieve innovation.

So…What is “Creativity” anyway? Why bother pursuing it for your organization?
Creativity means looking at the same information as everyone else, and seeing something different.

Okay, but what is ‘Innovation’ and why is THAT a mission-critical imperative for your future success?
Innovation entails turning creative ideas into action. It’s all about what’s NEW, BETTER, NEXT.

Got it. So, why is innovation so critical to your organization’s very survival?”

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Our author, Ethan L. Chazin, is the founder and president of The Chazin Group LLC. He gives motivational talks on confrontational and transformational topics, delivers training and professional development programs, and provides one-on-one and group-based executive coaching, strategic advisory consulting, and HR consulting services. After spending more than 20 years in corporate America in marketing and sales roles, he had a life-changing vision to apply his passion for helping others with his branding, marketing, and communications expertise.
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Innovation and Creativity in Your Organization


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More Program Information

Innovation and Creativity in Your Organization


Ethan L. Chazin, M.B.A.

Ethan L. Chazin, M.B.A.

The Chazin Group LLC

  • President and founder of The Chazin Group LLC
  • Delivers management consulting, business coaching, and executive training
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops on customer care, employee training, organizational behavior, leadership, business growth, entrepreneurship, sales, branding, marketing, and client engagement
  • Wrote the book: Bulletproof Your Career in Turbulent Times and many published articles in the areas of career and professional development and optimal organizational performance
  • Member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Hudson County, NJ Chamber of Commerce, founding member of the BNI Gold Coast chapter, former member of Rotary International
  • B.A. degree in communications, California State University, East Bay; M.B.A. degree in marketing, George Washington University
  • Can be contacted at [email protected], or
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Innovation and Creativity in Your Organization

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