• 66 minutes

Managing Your Time and Calendar in Outlook®


Learn the productivity benefits of these Outlook® features and catapult your career.

Everyone wants to catapult their career to the next level but career success is elusive for most. Are you one of those that seems to be weighed down with routine and tedious tasks without the time to set goals for career advancement? Many feel the pressure of hard deadlines and end up working late nights and weekends to turn work in on time. Others are frustrated by constant interruptions without time to focus on the completion of tasks. Do you struggle with these described problems? Do you struggle with this 21st century workday chaos, bedlam and pandemonium? Then this video will provide real help, not theory. The unique and cutting-edge 21st century time management and technology presentation reviews time management principles then infuses them into the tool of Microsoft® Outlook®. This material takes the knowledge of the Outlook® Calendar features you have gained from the IT person who installed it on your computer, from friends showing you how to use Calendar features such as the meeting scheduler, and from self-discovery and opens your mind to an amazing knowledge of the Outlook® Calendar features. More importantly, the instruction shows you WHY that Calendar feature is important for the kind of time management you need to catapult your career.

Runtime: 65 minutes


Innovative Ways to Use the Calendar. You Will Learn How to:
• Use the Calendar to Manage Daily Work Flow
• Keep Sensitive Deadlines on Track to Successful Completions
• Be on Time for All Meetings
• Estimate How Much Time a Task Will Take, Similar to Taking a Time Log, and Plan Accordingly
• Close out Every Day Permitting You to Shut the Door on Work and Open the Door to Your Personal Life
• Get Tips for Completing Tasks While Remaining Adaptable to Changing Demands on Your Time
• Work in the Zone

Technical Outlook® Features You May Not Have Explored. You Will Learn How to:
• Add the Weather
• Change Time Zones
• Change the Background Color
• Mark Items as Private
• Set up Additional Calendars for Specific Purposes
• Use the Advanced Dialog Box to Simplify Organizing Tasks
• Set up Categories to Visually Sort Email, Tasks and Calendar Items
• See Coming Appointments, Events and Deadlines With Outlook® Today

General Principles of How the Calendar Relates to the Inbox and to Tasks. You Will Learn How to:
• Identify the Differences Between the To-Do List, Tasks, and the To-Do Bar
• Click and Drag Emails Between Folders
• Understand How the To-Do Bar Works With the Calendar
• Use Email Flag Status and Reminders in Concert With the Calendar so Important Tasks Don't Slip Through the Cracks



Karla Brandau, CEO

Karla Brandau, CEO

Workplace Power Institute

  • CEO of Workplace Power Institute
  • Areas of expertise include productivity and time management, email survival skills, DISC and driving forces assessments, emotional intelligence, team building, and leadership
  • Conducts regular speeches, seminars, and workshops in all areas of expertise
  • Author of several publications: Wake Up the Winner Inside, Email Survival Skills, 101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals, Visual Guides to Outlook® 2010, 2013, and 2016, The Leadership of One, and How to Earn the Gift of Discretionary Effort
  • Certified speaking professional, registered corporate coach, certified facilitator, certified professional behaviors analyst, and certified professional motivators analyst
  • B.A. degree in education
  • Can be contacted at [email protected], 770-923-0883, on Twitter @KarlaBrandau, LinkedIn/In/KarlaBrandau, and

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