• 35 minutes

Line Editing Practices: Business Writing Fundamentals


Review the most common line edit repairs to improve your writing.

Line editing is what most writers do first, which is to simply catch mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, homonym/synonym/antonym problems, and/or sentences that don’t make sense. It is called line editing because it is just that. Simply going line by line looking for problems. This is an important step but should be kept separate from context or deeper editing. This video reviews the 10 most common line edit repairs that can improve writing.

Runtime: 34 minutes



Thomas M. Eaton, Ed.D.

Thomas M. Eaton, Ed.D.

Eastern Wyoming College

  • A career writer, educator and grammarian, working primarily in written communication skills, development and online learning techniques
  • His career has spanned 23 years in secondary, community college, and postsecondary/graduate school training in writing and education
  • Has expanded his research and study into the open market to assist companies in facilitating strong writing skills and writing skills training programs in order to help employees manage their responsibilities in external and internal communications, serving as a mentor, advisor, and presenter within both the academy and the open market
  • Received the 2019 Meritorious Education Award from Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University, Ukraine, for his international online teaching in American, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish literature, spanning nine years as a visiting U.S. professor to Ukraine
  • His work was recognized by the 2017 International Science Congress on pedagogy and special needs learning collaboration, following his three year tenure as a master's thesis reviewer for the School of Graduate Studies at Southeast Missouri State University; mentoring students and evaluating thesis for authenticity and theory in the completion of their master's projects from all disciplines
  • In terms of engaging HR and recruiting, he served three years as a writer for, discussing issues within the field of hiring, as well as having served on various editorial boards, including Bedford-St. Martin™, McGraw-Hill™, and Pearson™ as a textbook reviewer/editor for written communication textbooks
  • He currently works with colleges in an online environment as a course developer and outsources privately to companies as an advisor in assisting HR and recruiting entities in reducing and mediating stress, incorporating federal, state, and corporate policy, and in improving communications between contributor/applicants and the company, or in developing online training courses for employee integration
  • Certified through the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law as a civil mediator and is licensed as a 6-12 ELA teacher in his native Wyoming
  • His doctoral work stems from educational leadership and policy analysis, with a specific focus on policy determination meaning (analysis) and statistical data-to-narrative interpretation to assist companies and clients in reaching new audiences through a written medium
  • M.A. degree in rhetoric and composition, with a focus on prelaw argument development; B.A. degree in English; B.S. degree in secondary English education
  • Can be contacted at [email protected] and

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