• 12 minutes

Improving Relationships at Work


Learn how to communicate effectively.

There are several things to consider when it comes to improving relationships at work. It all begins by working on your people skills. Developing your people skills may take a little more time if you are used to working alone or if you are having challenges with certain people where you work but it is worth your time getting to know the people you work with. One's ability to communicate effectively with other is incredibly valuable. Individuals with strong people skills can predict behaviors, relate to others and socialize easily. People skills are important because the allow you to maximize effective and productive human interaction. This video offers helpful tips to learn how to communicate effectively to improve your work relationships.

Runtime: 12 minutes



Gena Yuvette Davis, PsyD, MBA, CCP, BCC

Gena Yuvette Davis, PsyD, MBA, CCP, BCC

True Synergy, Inc.

  • A board-certified executive coach, corporate trainer, organization development consultant and national speaker
  • As founder and chief potential officer at True Synergy, Inc. she leads a team that is authentically committed to empowering and inspiring others to be their best selves
  • She is a transformational change agent for organizations that wish to turn their companies into diverse, collaborative and thriving workforces
  • With over 10 years of corporate marketing and organization development experience, she specializes in corporate behavior and transformation in the areas of diversity, inclusion and belonging, internal branding and organizational strategic planning
  • As an executive coach, she works with leaders to improve their emotional intelligence skills, executive presence, communication, mindfulness, confidence and self-esteem

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