• 89 minutes

Fill and Backfill for Foundations


Understand the techniques and equipment for selecting, placing and compacting fill and backfill.

Addressing geotechnical issues is one of the most challenging problems faced by engineers and constructors engaged in design and construction of foundations for buildings and other infrastructure features such as tunnels, shafts and hydraulic structures. This is because it is usually difficult to have an understanding of complex underground conditions until they are actually encountered during construction. These challenges need to be addressed with a disciplined approach consisting of pre-design subsurface exploration; excavation methods that properly handle, store and utilize excavated, borrow and imported material; foundation preparation including fill and backfill; and stabilization methods that may be employed when unsatisfactory soil and rock conditions are encountered. This material will provide you with an overview of challenges they may be faced with their future projects, and the methodologies and techniques they may use to address them.

Runtime: 88 minutes


Foundation Excavation
• Good Construction Practices, and Problems
• Groundwater
• Surface Water
• Slope Integrity
• Stockpiling Excavated Material
• Protection of Exposed Material

Foundation Preparation
• Good Construction Practices, and Problems
• Stable Foundations
• Foundations Supported on Rock
• Placement of Backfill
• Backfilling Procedures
• Compaction Equipment, Backfill Material, and Zones
• Lift Thickness
• Density Requirements

Special Problems
• Difficult Structures
• Installation of Instruments
• Post-Construction Distress

Stabilization of Subgrade Soils
• Vibrocompaction
• Blasting
• Vibrating Probe (Terraprobe)
• Vibratory Rollers
• Vibrodisplacement Compaction
• Compaction Piles
• Heavy Tamping (Dynamic Consolidation)
• Vibroflotation



J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A.

J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A.

Guyer Partners

  • Managing general partner, Guyer Partners
  • Registered mechanical engineer, fire protection engineer, civil engineer, and architect with 35 years of experience designing a wide variety of building and infrastructure projects; for an additional nine years, he was a principal staff advisor to the California legislature on infrastructure and capital outlay issues
  • Currently editor-in-chief of The Clubhouse Press, the largest publisher in the U.S. of continuing education products for professional engineers, architects, and construction managers
  • Has held numerous national, state, and local offices with the American Society of Civil Engineers, Architectural Engineering Institute, and National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Regularly presents live continuing education webinars for professional engineers, architects, and construction managers
  • Authored and edited numerous articles and papers in the field of infrastructure engineering
  • Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Architectural Engineering Institute, and Chartered Association of Building Engineers (U.K.)
  • Graduate, Stanford University

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