• 9 minutes

Common Issues in Specification Preparation


The more information you give your team means the more you are doing to help your job be built correctly.

The issue of product selection vs. specification writing is common. Office master guide specifications are crucial. If you have an office master guide specification, get it to your team because that is the best place for them to start. Everyone has printers that can print out a whole spec in 15 minutes or less. But garbage in = garbage out. Product selection is the designer’s responsibility.  There are all types of performance and proprietary specifications in a single spec manual for a project. Make sure you are doing what’s appropriate with the different descriptive, performance and proprietary specs.

Runtime: 8 minutes



Mark Kalin, FAIA, FCSI, LEED®

Mark Kalin, FAIA, FCSI, LEED®

Kalin Associates Inc.

Mr. Mark Kalin, FAIA, FCSI, LEED®

  • President with Kalin Associates Inc. Specifications
  • Founded in 1984, the firm has prepared specifications for more than 4,000 projects, including more than 400 projects seeking USGBC LEED® certification
  • Registered architect, CSI construction document technology certified, and USGBC LEED® accredited professional
  • Past-national technical committee chairman, Construction Specifications Institute
  • Instructor, Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Wrote Kalin Associates Master Short-Form Specifications and BIMspec Specifiers’ Property Sets
  • Co-wrote, Construction Specifications Writing, Sixth Edition, 2010 published by Wiley
  • Past-president, Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice (SCIP); past-chair, AIA Masterspec Review Committee
  • Can be contacted at [email protected] or

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