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The Golden Rule: The Age-Old Solution to Bullying


Learn to transform your company into a harmonious work environment.

Interpersonal strife within a company is a major cause of lost productivity, lost profits, and individual human misery. People want to enjoy their jobs, and that's impossible if they feel tormented by others on the job. Thus, today's workplace is expected to be bully-free, and those in leadership positions are expected to make it happen.
Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Despite two decades of intensive societal campaigning, it remains a stubborn problem plaguing many employees. The interventions created by the leading experts in bullying have poor track records. To make matters worse, those that occupy a position of power in organizations are the most likely to be accused of bullying because bullying is being defined as using one's superior power against someone weaker. A bullying accusation can be emotionally devastating and even career-destroying. What can you do to increase harmony in the workplace and make your position safer and more rewarding?
Fortunately, the formula for social harmony has been understood and taught by wise people the world over for thousands of years. It is known as the Golden Rule. However, few people, including modern bullying researchers, fully understand the profound message of the Golden Rule and how to apply it. Receive a unique scientific explanation of the Golden Rule and how to apply it in real life. You will learn to transform your company into a harmonious work environment while gaining respect and appreciation. Your job satisfaction will grow, as will the company's bottom line. As an added benefit, the principles and techniques you will learn can help you improve relationships in all sectors of life.




Israel "Izzy" Kalman, MS, NCSP

Izzy Kalman

  • Creator and Director, Bullies to Buddies, Inc.
  • Counseling and training on conquering bullying and hostility in all environments
  • Conducted 1,000 full-day seminars attended by 50,000 mental health professionals, educators, and other professionals; has presented at many education and mental health conferences, most notably, the U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress
  • TEDx talk, How to Win the War Against Bullying
  • Featured in major media, including the New York Times and Good Morning America
  • Author and producer of numerous books and programs on bullying, anger control, and relationship problems, including the video Turning Workplace Hostility into Harmony
  • Over 150 articles in Psychology Today column, Resilience to Bullying
  • Membership information (past and present), includes the International Society for Research on Aggression; National Association of School Psychologists; Israel Psychological Association; New York Association of School Psychologists; International School Psychology Association; Richmond County Psychological Association; Academy of Medicine of Richmond, Pediatric Section; and United Federation of Teachers
  • M.S. degree in clinical psychology, Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Philadelphia, PA; B.S. degree in psychology, The College of the City of New York, New York, NY
  • Can be contacted at 718-983-1333, 972-954-2091, (Israel) 058-6906191, [email protected], [email protected],, or

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