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Multi-Site Construction Challenges and Opportunities


Learn how to secure your materials and labor and plan the logistics of your resources to move forward with the scope of work you have laid out.

When it comes to multi-site programs and projects, creating a detailed scope of work presents many challenges. The end goal might be the same across all sites, but the conditions of each individual site's assets and the resources that are available may be drastically different. This creates the need to survey each site. When discussing surveys with a client, they may try to forgo the survey since it will add more time to the project and won't fit into their project timeline. But understanding what the client has at each site and what they need to complete a project is critical to creating an accurate scope of work. Without surveying and assessing each site, unexpected issues may arise in the middle of a project which could be devastating to the client's timeline and budget. This topic will help you understand why surveying is so important when it comes to creating accurate multi-site program/project scopes of work. We will cover the importance of figuring out what it is the client has at their sites, what they need to complete the project the way they want it done and how to secure the necessary resources to finish the project. The material will also cover how to secure your materials and labor, plan the logistics of your resources, and package everything together in a way that keeps the client engaged and wanting to move forward with the scope of work you have laid out. When proper surveying and project management come together, you will be able to help the client see obstacles they would not have been aware of and help them save time and money on their project in the long run as a result.



Stephen Kuhn

Stephen Kuhn

Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

  • Executive Vice President, Business Partnership at Sevan Multi-Site Solutions
  • Process-driven and highly experienced construction professional with 35+ years in the commercial construction industry at all levels
  • Has a broad background including expertise in field supervision, scheduling, budgeting, preconstruction management, design management, project management and executive leadership
  • A founding partner of Sevan Multi-Site Solutions, an international multi-site program management firm
  • Serves as the Executive Vice President, Business Partnerships and has worked with clients such as 7-Eleven, Bento Box, McDonald’s, Sunoco, Walgreens, and others
  • Leads the relationship with Sevan’s business partners including joint ventures, partners, service partners, contractors, and suppliers
  • B.S. degree in construction management, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • Can be contacted at [email protected]
Shiron Olson

Shiron Olson

Sevan Multi-Site Solutions

  • Vice President of Operations at Sevan Multi-Site Solutions
  • Experienced project professional within both the QSR/restaurant and retail petroleum sectors
  • Strong background in construction project management, financial tracking/reporting, and compliance is essential to ensuring that client projects meet corporate/brand standards and policies, while adhering to stringent budget and schedule demands
  • Responsible for the team resourcing, planning, and execution of multi-year remodel programs for the McDonald’s client
  • The Sevan project teams work closely with the various McDonald’s development teams across the country and their supplier/vendor network in order meet annual project delivery targets and, in partnership, strive to achieve a strong customer experience
  • B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • Can be contacted at [email protected]

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