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Financial Wellness: Personal Finance and Budgeting


Learn how to deal directly with your own personal finances.

Professional consumers deal with an enormous volume of personal, professional, household, and life responsibilities and issues every day. Then add personal finances to that list, things like budgeting, spending plans and tracking expenses, surprise expenses, credit card debt, taxes, retirement, rainy day funds, identity theft, scamming, and more, and it's no wonder we have very little bandwidth left to take the time to deal directly with our own personal finances. Instead, we shift to our automatic default system. We use our old unanalyzed spending habits and trust that all the virtual tools at our disposal will cover those basic financial obligations. We keep our heads above those financial waters as we carry on with the rest of life. It is no wonder the average American debt is over $90,000 according to a 2021 CNBC report, and the U.S. household debt increased 1.9% from the second quarter of 2021 to a new record of $15.24 trillion in November of 2021, as announced by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
This course is designed to encourage personal change by providing time-tested solid, practical information and tools which can pro-actively be used and immediately applied to any personal and household situation.



Judy Lawrence, MS.Ed.

Judy Lawrence, MS.Ed.

Money Tracker

  • Founder of, established in 1996
  • Financial coach/counselor/accountability partner coaching practice
  • Practice focus is in the personal consumer finance industry; other related work areas include speaker/trainer, career counselor, marketing director, focus groups, onsite sales and support executive, realtor, and Navajo Reservation BIA school counselor
  • Developed and presented a 3-month financial literacy training program for Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity Families
  • Presented money management workshops to employees of Santa Clara County in Silicon Valley in preparation for upcoming layoffs
  • Created online 7-week “Budgeting Without Tears” course
  • Guest on national TV and radio programs over decades discussing personal finance
  • Webinar trainer on consumer finance topics nationwide for Balancing Life Issues (BLI) EAP clients
  • Author of “The Budget Kit: Common Cents Complete Money Management Workbook 6th Ed.”, currently published by Kaplan Publishing; “Money Tracker: Find the CASH to Get What You Really Want;” co-author of “Magic Miracles and Synchronicity: A Journal of Gratitude and Awareness;” “What Can Nature Teach You about Money” blog; and contributing author to various books, websites, and
  • Previous board member of Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity, National AFCPE® (Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education® ), and Albuquerque Consumer Credit Counseling
  • Master’s degree in counseling, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  • Can be contacted at [email protected], 505-554-2638, or 408-529-6474

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