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Financial Wellness: Building Credit


Gain the tools necessary to establish, build, repair, and maintain a good credit score.

For better or for worse, the American economy runs on borrowed money. Most of us borrow money to buy cars, homes, furniture, appliances, and a college education. The cost of borrowing money, and the amount available to borrow, often depends on our credit history and score. Not only will a good credit score increase our chances of obtaining a loan with competitive terms, but it may also be a condition of employment and/or a requirement before receiving electricity, water, cell phone, and similar services. Although we may not be born with a good credit score, we can acquire one through improvement in our overall financial health. Would-be borrowers must recognize the relationship between financial health and their credit, understand the importance of having a good credit score, and be given the tools and resources necessary to establish, build, repair, and maintain one. Similarly, financial practitioners need to recognize the obstacles borrowers face to obtaining a good credit score and understand what steps can be taken to overcome these challenges.



Gregory A. Ward, CFP®

Gregory A. Ward, CFP®

Financial Finesse

  • Director, Financial Wellness Think Tank™/Financial Finesse and Vice Chair, EBRI Financial Wellbeing Research Center
  • 25+ years in financial health & wellness industry
  • Author of Calculating ROI: Measuring the Benefits of Workplace Financial Wellness (2017 SOA Call for Essays first-place winner); Financial Wellness Year in Review (annual industry-leading research on trends in financial wellness); frequent contributions to industry publications including Benefits Magazine, Benefits Quarterly, and others
  • Frequent appearances include SOA Annual Meetings, PSCA Annual Conferences, IFEBP Symposiums, and EBRI Financial Wellbeing Research Center Symposiums and Policy Forums
  • CFP® professional; B.S. degree in statistics, University of California, Davis
  • Can be contacted at 828-308-8028 or [email protected]
Erik Carter, J.D., CFP®

Erik Carter, J.D., CFP®

Financial Finesse

  • Senior financial planner and financial wellness coach at Financial Finesse
  • Practices in all areas of financial planning and wellness with a focus on early retirement
  • 14 years of experience in speaking and teaching financial planning concepts
  • Lead author of Financial Finesse generational research reports
  • J.D. degree, University of San Diego; B.A. degree in economics, NYU
  • Can be contacted at 347-401-3053 or [email protected]

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