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A Guide to Servant Leadership


Understand the characteristics of servant leadership and what they look like in an organization.

You can't type the word leadership in Google® without finding hundreds of thousands of treatise on what it means to be a good leader. Servant leadership is a commonly used term that is very misunderstood in reality and often aligned with being a 'servant' to your employees. Nothing could be further from the truth. And the antithesis of servant leadership, is the 'power, wealth and fame model,' Robert Greenleaf, the originator of the concept of servant leadership, spent much of his career handling HR and personnel for AT&T. He observed over time that there were leaders who were in it for themselves and leaders who were in it for others and his conclusion was that those who focused on others were the most effective.
This topic will help any person who is interested in building strong leaders and healthy cultures to understand what is true servant leadership and how it ensures business profitability, stability, and brings loyalty and appreciation to every company where it is practiced. This material will cover the typical leadership styles in the workplace. It will also review the characteristics of servant leadership and what they look like in an organization. A 7-Step framework will be provided for transforming to a servant leadership model. Finally, we will study some great case studies of where servant leadership has worked to inspire you for your organization.



Elizabeth Frisch

Elizabeth Frisch

The Thrival Company

  • CXO of The Thrival Company – Because survival is not enough –
  • Thrival is an accredited provider of continuing education credits to professionals in accounting, HR, PD, auditing, engineering, project management, environmental, health and safety, and many more areas
  • Founder of Your Corporate Shrink – management consulting and coaching support to over 50 different business and government sectors
  • Lead Content Developer at Training that does not Suck –
  • Our practice emphasizes all aspects of organizational development, performance improvement, operational infrastructure design, and driving positive and measurable behavior/culture change using the best technological and psychological methods
  • Global keynote speaker and corporate trainer on the topics of leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, culture/behavior change, HR attraction/retention, and driving positive global and systemic transformation
  • Best-selling author of Mission to Million$ - Taking Big Ideas and Making Them a Reality; her next book is: You Can’t Engineer Human, available in bookstores 9/20/22 and on pre-order at
  • Member of IIA, SHRM, SAME, Wizard Academy, and the Human Communications Institute (HCI)
  • B.S. degree in chemical engineering, Purdue University; more than 1,000 hours of post-graduate courses and training in facilitation, mediation, human resources, psychology, brain science, adult learning behavior, and related topics
  • Can be contacted at 512-656-7518, [email protected], on Twitter® @elizabethfrisch,, or on LinkedIn® elizabeth-frisch

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