Sample Workplace Violence or Intimidation Policy

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August 23, 2018
Author: Julie A. Proscia
Organization: SmithAmundsen LLC

The Employer is concerned about the increased violence in society, which has also filtered into many workplaces throughout the United States. Therefore, the Employer has taken steps to help prevent incidents of violence or intimidation from occurring at the Employer. For this reason, it is the policy of the Employer to expressly prohibit any acts or threats of violence or intimidation by an employee or former employee, or a customer or supplier agent, against any employee in or about the Employer’s facilities or elsewhere at any time.

The Employer also will not condone any acts or threats of violence or intimidation against the Employer’s employees, customers, or visitors on the Employer’s premises at any time or while they are engaged in business with or on behalf of the Employer, on or off the Employer’s premises.

In keeping with the spirit and intent of this policy, and to ensure that the Employer’s objectives in this regard are attained, it is the commitment of the Employer:
1. To provide a safe and healthful work environment, in accordance with the Employer’s weapons policy.
2. To take prompt remedial action up to and including immediate termination, against any employee who engages in any threatening or intimidating behavior or acts of violence or who uses any obscene, abusive, or threatening gestures or language, including e-mail, graffiti, etc.
3. To take appropriate action when dealing with customers, former employees, or visitors to the Employer’s facilities who engage in such behavior. Such action may include notifying the police or other law enforcement personnel and prosecuting violators of this policy to the maximum extent of the law.
4. To prohibit employees, former employees, customers, and visitors from bringing unauthorized or unlawful firearms or other weapons onto the Employer’s premises.
5. To establish viable security measures to ensure that the Employer’s facilities are safe and secure to the maximum extent possible and to properly handle access to Employer facilities by the public, off-duty employees, and former employees.

Any employee who displays a tendency to engage in violent, abusive, intimidating or threatening behavior, or who otherwise engages in behavior that the Employer, in its sole discretion, deems offensive, threatening, dangerous, or inappropriate will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

DUTY TO WARN: In furtherance of this policy, employees have a “duty to warn” their supervisors, security personnel, or human resources representatives of any suspicious workplace activity or situations or incidents that they observe or that they are aware of that involve other employees, former employees, customers, or visitors and that appear problematic. This includes, for example, threats or acts of violence, aggressive behavior, offensive acts, threatening or offensive comments or remarks, and the like. Employee reports made pursuant to this policy will be held in confidence to the extent possible. The Employer will not condone or tolerate any form of retaliation against any employee for making a report under this policy.

The Employer has also established a telephone “hotline” that employees may use to call in anonymous reports if they desire. The hotline number to call is posted conspicuously in all Employer facilities.

Nothing stated in this policy is intended to preclude or dissuade employees from engaging in otherwise legally protected activities protected by state or federal law, including the National Labor Relations Act.

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