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September 05, 2014

Many employers overlook the fact that payment of certain types of bonuses affects a non-exempt employee’s overtime pay.

For example, if an employer awards a defined bonus to an employee, that payment must be included in the overtime calculation. The reason is that overtime pay is based upon the “regular rate of pay.” In turn, the regular rate of pay should include not only regular hourly wages but also commission, piece rates, certain bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

When it comes to bonuses, “defined bonuses” are included in the regular rate, while “discretionary bonuses” are excluded. Defined bonuses paid pursuant to a defined schedule, or paid as a reward for production, efficiency, quality or accuracy.  See 29 CFR 778.210. Discretionary bonuses are payment in recognition of services performed during a given period are excluded from the regular rate if both the fact that payment is to be made and the amount of the payment are determined at the sole discretion of the employer at or near the end of the period and not pursuant to any prior contract, agreement, or promise causing the employee to expect such payments regularly. See 29 CFR 778.211

Assume an employee works 45 hours during the workweek, earning $10.00/hr. Additionally, she earns a $45.00 defined bonus. The regular rate of pay is calculated by figuring total hourly wages for the week plus the bonus ($450 + $45.00  = $495) and then dividing that number by the hours worked ($495/45 = $11.00 per hour).  The additional overtime premium owed is ½ the regular rate times the number of overtime hours worked ($11 x 0.5  =  $5.50 OT premium x 5 =  $27.50) Therefore the total pay owed for the week in this case is $477.50 ($450 + $27.50).

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