How Lawyers are Using Social Media To Promote Themselves

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October 27, 2017

How Lawyers are Using Social Media To Promote Themselves

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. No matter your industry, you can use social media to connect with millions of potential customers, all with the few clicks of your mouse. Lawyers are no exception, and more than ever they are using social media to bring in new clients, and to establish their own reputations. If you're a lawyer who is looking to do the same, here is how other lawyers have made use of social media thus far. 

Engaging With Others Directly

The main goal of social media is to allow its users to quickly connect to one another. By using social media, a lawyer can connect with others, and establish important connections. For instance, if someone poses a legal question on their social media account, and you are well-versed in this matter, you could provide them with some information. Since social media accounts are typically public, your answer can be seen by all, which demonstrates your ability. Every time you interact with someone on social media, you are building a connection that could come in handy somewhere down the line. 

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Spreading Name Recognition

With social media, you can reach millions of people all at once, By using a few tactics, you can spread your name among the masses, and build up recognition. For example, some lawyers are making use of hashtags, allowing them to participate in popular discussions. Let's a massive demonstration takes place in your area, and the protesters are arrested. A hashtag emerges to discuss the event, allowing everyone who wants to follow it to group together. Using this hashtag, you could offer your legal services to anyone in need, and quickly spread word about yourself to many interested parties. 

Promoting Your Blog

More and more lawyers are also starting to a use a blog as a part of their marketing strategy. A blog provides you with a place to discuss the work you're doing, the latest news in your industry, or really anything else you want. It's a great place to talk about the human impact your work is having on others, or to demonstrate your knowledge. But if no one is reading your blog, it doesn't do you much good. This is where social media comes in, by giving you a platform to promote it. Typically on social media sites you can't write as much as you would in a blog, and so if your followers want more information, you can direct them towards a blog post. Once they reach your blog, they are more likely to visit the rest of your website, and hopefully retain your services. 

Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

Finally, social media provides lawyers with a platform to establish themselves as thought leaders. Thought leaders are the people in any industry who others turn to for information or innovative ideas. If you want to be one of them, social media will help you along the way. You can use it to share useful information that you find elsewhere online, discuss new ideas you've had, or connect with other industry thought leaders. The more you do this, the more followers you'll get, and eventually you'll be seen as a leader in your area. 

Be Careful With Your Social Media Usage

While social media is a great tool for lawyers to promote themselves, it's important that you remember to be careful. You need to maintain the ethical guidelines that you use outside of social media, lest you cause yourself some problems. For instance, if you're writing a blog post about a recent case, you don't want to divulge your client's personal information. It's things like this that you need to look out for, as your social media accounts represent you. Just as a social media account can boost your reputation, it can also harm it if you're careless. 

If you'd like to learn more about how lawyers are using social media to get ahead, or how you can get started doing the same, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

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