5 Reasons Millennials Will Help The Construction Industry

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October 19, 2017

5 Reasons Millennials Will Help The Construction Industry

5 Reasons Millennials Will Help The Construction Industry:

It's no secret that the economy is beginning to recover and that the construction industry is seeing its biggest boom since the 2008 economic collapse. This is great news for the economy but it's also great news for an unlikely population: the millennials.

When it comes to millennials, there are a lot of things different about them from what was common in past generations. One thing, however, that is evident about the millennial generation is that they are groomed for the construction industry. You may ask: Why? 

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Well there are many reasons that millennials are fit for the construction industry and some of those reasons include the following:

  • Loyalty & Dedication: Contrary to popular beliefs the construction industry has many good-paying jobs that millennials will benefit from having. Millennials will fit these jobs well if the company is good to them as studies show that millennials are proven loyal to jobs that treat them right and offer flexibility. Millennials also often enjoy doing work that feels meaningful such as building something physical hands-on (as they would in construction).
  • Innovative Thinking: Millennials are thinking in ways that other generations never thought before. It's a large part due to new technology that millennials grew up with that generations such as Generations X & Y or the 'Baby Boomers' that grew up before them didn't grow up with. This "innovative thinking" can help millennials come up with new ideas to help solve pre-existing problems. Moreover, the average millennial is into this innovative thinking which will work well with the new ages of construction and hands-on work that is coming down the pipeline. Millennials are coming up with new ways to use everything from new software to using websites to submit ways to provide new ideas to one's employer to make it a more "innovative" company to work for. Millennials will provide these ideas to employers who are actively seeking them which saves time, ,money ,and effort on the part of the employer to make their new ways match the industry's latest premium technology.
  • Tech-Savviness w/A Personal Touch: The millennial is educated in tech-savviness, yet, contrary to popular belief up to 86% agree that face-to-face interaction is better than the technological replacement. This provides the company with workers that know how to handle and use technology, but also appreciate the power of conversation and individual communication with clients that are often needed to create personal connections that are far deeper than anything technology can provide. This mix provides a dedicate approach to those situations which fuse technology and people-oriented approaches together to achieve the best results.
  • Balance: Millennials are among the best at balancing the work-life deal to provide a great social life along with a healthy amount of work included as well. This healthy integration technique provides employees with plenty of hours to both work and socialize/relax. Millennials are better than any previous generation at carving out time for social and recreational interactions. Long as the millennial is working hard while they are working, it's a great balance of work and life that allows young workers to give 110% while they are on the job and provides them with recreation and relaxation while they are off the job. Studiers have shown that workers who enjoy time away from work supply much better work ethics to their employers than those who never take a break. Long as it's a balance millennials are the best at doing this balancing act well.
  • Collaboration & Communication: Many millennials grew up with their role models and teachers and parents being their "best friends". This often requires a "team first" thought-process within millennials which will institute a "team first" policy in their mindset that can help them become great team players in an atmosphere such as construction where everyone must work together to keep a project on track and succeeding. Many millennials will even work hard enough to get projects done ahead of schedule, which is sure to please the customer long as quality is not sacrificed.

For more information on how why millennials will fit the construction industry well and for information on hiring those workers please feel free to contact us.

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